Happy Hump Day: Jamie Dornan

What did I say about Once Upon a Time and their man meat? Jamie Dornan (aka; the huntsman) is no exception. These people know where to find their dudes. Jamie is a former model for Calvin Klein and Dior, and is also a musician (just like his cast mate, Colin). Hot dudes that play instruments? Thank you, universe.

Fun tip; my hubs may love this guy more than me. True story.

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Happy Hump Day {Role Reversal}: Daisy Lowe

Remember the scandalous scandal that was Pearl Lowe and Gavin Rossdale’s love child? Everyone was flipping their lids and just wouldn’t drop it, despite the kid being a teenager and it happening way before Gavin was with Gwen, let alone knew her. But…I digress. What resulted from that tumultuous 80’s relationship was Daisy, a British model that is known best for showing off her tatas (none pictured, sorry guys) and dancing in lingerie for Esquire (video is hypnotizing, don’t really know why). And I like her. She seems like the type of chick that would be a great dancing/drinking partner, and I’m always looking for some of those. Please send all resumes to meli@melificent.com. 😉

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Happy Hump Day: Hugh Dancy

OK, how in heavens did I miss such a lovely Brit? My radar must be malfunctioning. Even worse, he was in a bunch of movies I have watched and loved like Black Hawk Down, Ella Enchanted (you shut your face), and Confessions of a Shopaholic (OK, so I didn’t love that one, or like it). However, all it took was a quick little glimpse on Sunday night while he was giving his wife, Claire Danes, a kiss as she won a Golden Globe for her work on Temple Grandin for me to notice. So much so, that I rewound it back to his face just to tell my hubs how adorable he was (my poor, poor husband). Upon further research, it came as no surprise that he was a model as well as an actor, most recently for Gap.

Some girls just get all the luck. First Claire Danes had Jordan Catalano, and now this? Totally unfair.

Feast your eyes on some proper British eye candy, readers, and then get back to me in the comments. 😉

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Happy Hump Day: Noah Mills


First off, I have to say that my hubs was the one that recommended today’s hump day hottie. Clearly amazing. I have taught him well. Heh. Anywho, back to the subject at hand! Noah Mills is basically the Zoolander of the real fashion industry. He is the face of countless campaigns including Michael Kors and Tom Ford. And now, he is going to be the new face of Sex and the City. Noah will be playing Samantha’s new boy toy and I am not complaining. In fact, I will basically only be seeing this sequel because of the awesome eye candy (Aiden is back! What!) as I could not stand the first movie – I think it did such an injustice to the series. Whew, I got off topic. OK, enjoy this glorious eye candy but don’t blame me for any imminent heart failure 😉

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