Happy Hump Day {Role Reversal}: Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is such a girls girl, isn’t she? I remember she was the first actress I saw and wanted to be like. She was the perfect mix of glamorous and wild: so spontaneous and carefree. I personally think she was at her best in Mad Love (am I dating myself?) and I could watch Never Been Kissed all day every day. But what I love about her the most is her spirit – I wish I could bottle it or somehow channel it. She is also growing an empire: forget just Flower Films – she also has her own wine (Pinot Grigio no less) and just launched a beauty line, Flower Beauty, which I’ve only heard good things about.

Just ask my friend, Ashley. She runs the popular Drew fansite, The Drewseum. Check it out and the rest of this post!

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Happy Hump Day: Ethan Embry

My crush on Ethan Embry in the 90’s was monumental. I’m pretty sure all my thoughts revolved around finding a boy that looked just like him. Spoiler alert: I never did. But, my teenage dream kind of came true about a year ago when we had a back and forth conversation on Twitter. I got entirely too excited – almost like it was like Rex Manning day. 😉

So happy to see him as part of the cast of Once Upon a Time!

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Happy Hump Day: Sam Witwer

I love opening the floor to you guys to choose my hump day hotties because you always do a great job opening my eyes to new dudes. Just when I thought I had covered them all (impossible, right?), I am proved wrong. Sure, I may not like the US version of Being Human (I’m all UK, all the time), and my eyes may only be for one Aidan (Turner, that is), but I can agree with this choice. Sam Witwer, I think any girl worth her salt would choose you over Edward Cullen any day.

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Happy Hump Day: Jennifer Lawrence

I hate to be so cliche, but I love me some Jennifer Lawrence. Sure, so does the rest of the world, but I’m pretty sure she’s my best friend in hiding. I mean, the world may implode if we meet so it’s best if we keep things this way, right? Obviously. But in all seriousness, this chick is amazing. Not only can she act like a boss, but she is charming, hysterical and geeky all at once. All it takes is a quick search for “Jennifer Lawrence gifs” to instantly fall in love. That love naturally amplified to an all-time high when she took a tumble at the Oscars, gave the finger to a photographer who mocked her for it and completely lost her shit when Jack Nicholson recognized her.

She is the epitome of imperfection and that’s kind of what makes her perfect.

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