Style Crush: Mary Margaret from Once Upon A Time

While feeling sick over the new years festivities, I decided to take the opportunity to catch up on TV. One of those shows was Once Upon A Time, which was recommended to me by almost all my friends. Of course, they know me well because I loved it! Not only does it feed my love of fantasy and fairy tales, but it is from the creators of my most favorite show ever in the universe, Lost. So it’s a win/win. Then throw in Ginnifer Goodwin‘s adorable wardrobe as Mary Margaret (aka; Snow White) and I’m dead.

Seriously, how cute are her outfits??

She always looks adorably geek chic, and that pixie cut she is rocking is just too much.

That’s why I got inspired to put together my own style boards featuring outfits Mary Margaret herself would be proud to parade around in while hanging in Storybrooke, Maine.

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Summer Desires

Wanted items this summer


Mini shorts, $56
Zara long skirt, $60
Jumpsuits and romper, $70
Zara striped skirt, $40
Victoria s Secret beach bikini
FOSSIL cross body bag, $81
Fedora hat, $18

This is my first Polyvore set, and I have to say, I’m digging how easy it is to put one of these together! We may have a successful relationship together in the future. But, I digress. I put together this fun little compilation to share some of the essential pieces I would like to add to my summer wardrobe while doing some quick shopping in Chicago next week. I’ll be hopping on board my hubby’s business trip, and hopefully making the most out of my time in The Windy City by playing (not-your-average) tourist & visiting with some of my friends. And, of course, hitting the nearest H&M! I am in search of a brightly colored maxi skirt, a bold-colored striped skirt, a fun beach hat, a versatile crossbody bag, a pair of hotly hued (but age appropriate) shorts, a flirty bikini & finally, a cropped jumpsuit. Here’s hoping the shopping gods are with me!

Whatever I do find, I’ll make sure to share with all of you upon my return to the blogosphere!

What are some items you think are summer essentials?

Fashion Nugget

I absolutely love shopping. I love clothes. I amĀ  your typical girly girl.
One of my favorite shopping tips is to look for items online. You may be able to find items that you wouldn’t usually find out at local shops. Plus, you are less likely to run into someone wearing your exact outfit (embarrassing). Since Miami isn’t the best for thrifting, it’s all I got to find original pieces. Thanks to my good friend (& fellow knottie), Roxy, I was able to discover a new site that can give you loads of inspiration when it comes to fashion: Polyvore.


Polyvore gives fashionistas the opportunity to mix and match items from their favorite stores to create perfect outfits that they can share with others. How amazing is that dress featured above? I am totally obsessed with it, but unfortunately it is only available on a UK site that charges $50 for shipping alone!

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