Sparkle Plenty

Smarter words have never been spoken. Am I right, ladies?
Although I live by the standard that every day is a good day to wear sparkles, I know this time of year is especially reserved for them. So here is a round up of all my favorite glittery, sequin-y, and sparkly goods (whether you want to splurge or save):


1 Chevron Sequin Mini Skirt; 2 Sequin Scatter Prom Dress; 3 Kate Spade Charm Heel; 4 Striped Sequin Scarf

5 Sequin Pencil Skirt; 6 Gina Sequin Maxi Skirt; 7 Infinity Crop; 8 Polka Dot Sequin Top

What shiny thing have you been laying your eyes on this holiday season?