Happy Hump Day: Joseph Gordon Levitt


I’ve always thought of Joseph Gordon Levitt as being a little kid. I guess you can chock it up to his cute little baby face and my memories of him playing awkward teens. My personal favorite being 10 Things I Hate About You – every time it is on TV, I must watch it. But this year has definitely been a break out year for Joseph, which made me notice that he had grown up into a pretty smokin’ dude while still keeping his boyish good looks (doesn’t he remind you of the late & great Heath Ledger?). He acted alongside the absolutely adorable Zooey Deschanel in 500 Days of Summer and played Cobra Commander in G.I. Joe, plus he’s lined up for several other films, one in particular from director Christopher Nolan (Inception) along with Leonardo DiCaprio. So I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing more of Mr. Gordon Levitt in the years to come and I’m not complaining!










  • Tiffany

    AH! Awesome choice. That picture with him & Elle is AMAZING. The 2nd one is amazing too!

  • Cindy

    Love him!!

  • jo

    after inception.. he’s my new favorite actor!

  • Madison

    oh my gosh, joseph has been my favorite actor for the past year, and inception was the icing on the cake. he’s just to freaking awesome!

  • Amy

    It’s not Elle Macpherson.
    It’s Claudia Schiffer.

  • The moment Inception started and he got up from that chair in that HOT suit I was like “Hellooooo there”. Definitely new crush.

  • Axul

    OMG now I see I’m not the only one… I’ve always like him but, after inception he’s my new favorite actor too… I love him!

  • B

    Wow, that first picture is a showstopper. He was so adorable younger, but he has grown into a very sexable man. Damn.

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  • georgiaaa

    he’s sooooo hot…

  • jack

    are you sure he was in 10 things i hate about you?
    cuz the main part there was played by Heath Ledger

  • Yes, the main role was Heath Ledger, but Joseph was the high school boy that conned him to date Julia Stiles so that he could date her younger sister.

  • Adrijana

    Ohh, glad there’s more of you out there… he’s my FAV since inception too! He’s freaking gorgeous!!!


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  • Kimberlyajoseph

    he played a smaller role, i think his name was cameron?

  • dana

    omg I’ve loved him my entire life starting when he was in angels and the outfield.

  • Lynn_fernando

    Still remember him fr 30rock from the sun.. Cute puppy eyes..

  • Rachel

    So sad most people only know him from Inception… Please look into his other work. He’s AMAZING

  • Rachel

    Yes, he did play Cameron. It wasn’t a small part. I would definitely say he was one of the main characters. He was great in that movie!

  • mj

    Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were all the stars of the show 🙂

  • Veronika Andrasy

    ~500 Days of Summer~

  • Lorena

    Lindo , seguro de si, cativante.. Apaixonante..

  • jill

    hes my top 3 favoret actors hes simple amazzing. and he has sexual tention like a god!

  • Glassesgirl99

    i loved angels in the outfield

  • Emilydavis1914

    I love love him. he is my favorite actor very sexy talented I cannot to wait to see more his work.

  • Cakes

    🙂 I love these photos!

  • saldfnuik

    i’d hurt his dick so bad

  • Just love him! So handsome, he’s one of my favorite actors!