Inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Making It Lovely, I decided to compile a list of thirty things I’d like to do before I turn 30 next year. It’s a big year for me, one I have been dreading for sometime, but I am determined to make it less painful than anticipated. The rumor is your 30’s are the new 20’s so maybe this is something to look forward to?

Either way, here is my list!


1. Own a home.
2. Have abs.
3. Pass the CBA exam.
4. Make this blog bigger & better.
5. Book a vacation to Australia.
6. Begin my event planning business.
7. Learn to sew.
8. Attend Coachella.
9. Begin working in the behavior field.
10. Go to New Orleans.
11. Pick up digital scrapbooking again & follow through!
12. Get another tattoo or two 😉
13. See Muse in concert as headliners.
14. Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Often.
15. Control the urge to dye my hair any other color but red.
16. Do something that scares me.
17. Always keep fresh flowers in my new home.
18. Believe in myself. Like, really.
19. Become the proud owner of a Nissan Cube.
20. Pick up my amazing bass again and learn how to carry a beat.
21. Complete a 365 photo project (I’ve attempted one 3 times now).
22. Get featured on another blog.
23. Learn how to edit videos using iMovie.
Man these are a lot of goals to compile!
24. Stop fearing the unknown.
25. Buy a piece from Kate Spade’s collection. Anything.
26. Learn to cook at least 10 recipes. Excellently.
27. Go on a girls only trip.
28. Go to Metro Zoo on a date.
29. Visit Schnebly Winery.
30. Start brainstorming what 40 things I’d like to accomplish! 😉



Also, remember not to believe anything anyone tells you today. Except for this list, totally telling the truth, promise!

  • Tiffany

    Keeping fresh flowers in my home is a general goal for me. Currently I am growing Calla lilies, Dahlias, and Ranunculuses AND my herb and vegetable seeds are growing nicely. I love fresh plants!

  • Fab list, girlie! And if Coachella is in your cards, you’ve got a place to stay with my parents and I. I always have a ton of friends come down; it’s like 10 minutes from the venue. We have a swimming pool and we BBQ!

  • Get ready for the girls only trip. Because we are planning one missy!

  • Wow Tiffany! Can I pick fresh flowers from YOUR garden? 😉
    Mel – this sounds mighty awesome and we just might take you up on that invitation!
    Elissa – YES! We better be going somewhere fabulous, darling!

  • Elsie

    Thats a great list! I’m with you on 13 and 14!

  • Lauren

    Schnebly Winery is awesome! Avoid it during the summer though because the bugs are out in full force then 🙂 Love the list!

  • Andrea

    What a wonderful list as I was reading I was like uh huh I want to do that, that, that, that you get the point 😉 Consider me a partner in crime for most of those but especially COUNT ME IN FOR 27!<3

  • Andrea

    BTW I heard 30’s is when you’re in your prime 😉

  • Tiffany

    You can definitely come pick flowers from my garden! You just have to wait for them to grow. The Dahlias and Calla lilies are summer blooms so it will have to be then. The Ranunculuses are spring bloom but I may have planted them a little late so they will probably not bloom until next spring. I highly recommend planting your own Calla lilies. It’s super easy. Check out these beautiful colors! http://www.callalilyshop.pacificcallas.com/allvarieties.htm