She’s Crafty: DIY Holiday Wreath

Well, I did say my wreath adventure was to be continued, and thankfully, I can say that the saga is done. Despite how tedious the process was, after a couple of days it became therapeutic. I would play one of my favorite iTunes playlists (lately it’s been Queen) and zone out in the art of yarn and glue guns.

And I’d like to share that experience with all of you in hopes that you can make your own wreath as well – even if it is not for the holidays, a nice wreath to hang at your front door or as interior decor never goes out of fashion. In fact, I plan on making a smaller one to hang year round!

So without further ado, here is Melificent’s very first tutorial:

Styrofoam balls (of varying sizes)
Wire wreath frame
Yarn (in whichever colors you please)
Ornaments (of varying sizes)
Glue gun/Super glue

Very important tip that I learned the hard way: most of these materials can be bought at the dollar store. The only materials I could not find there were the wire frame (only a few bucks at a local craft store) and yarn (scored those at Michael’s for less than $5 a roll). I can’t believe how much money I spent when I bought all the materials at craft stores. Never again! Also, super glue worked better than my glue gun in securing some of the more stubborn pieces (I got the brush-on kind, again from the dollar store).

Grab a Styrofoam ball and begin wrapping the yarn around it until it is covered completely (watch out for those sneaky holes!) and snip it off, tucking the remainder under the others. Take these balls (ha) and glue them to the wire frame as well as to each other. Alternate the large and small yarn balls, along with the ornaments like so:

Once you are done covering the main wire wreath, lift it up to see if there are any gaps. I mainly used the ornaments to fill the gaps because they are not so large and fit snugly. Plus, they glue nicely to the yarn (not so easy to glue two ornaments together though). My advice is to lay the wreath down in a safe place once it is complete to let it set for several days. Mine sat on our couch in the pink room for about a week before I put it up the other day on my front door.

This is the final result!
I think it looks wonderful, even if it is a little lopsided and fragile (I am my own worst critic). I’ve already gotten a lot of compliments on it, unfortunately, I’ve also had a couple of the ornaments fall off. But it’s alright! Nothing a little super glue can’t fix. 😉

I hope you found the tutorial fun and useful, and most importantly, I hope it’s inspired you to make your own!
Thanks again to Kristi for the fabulous inspiration!

  • Very cute! Lately my go-to playlist has been Queen as well…it’s amazing the difference a little music makes!

  • Megan

    Super cute!!! Great job! <3

  • how fun! and what an adorable helper you have too 😉

  • AH! i love it! that’s so awesome!! 😀

  • michelle m

    Cute! I really like the non traditional colors, and they look great with the yellow.

  • Anika

    It turned out fab!! How fun. 🙂