Happy Hump Day: Andrew Garfield

Now this is a face you are going to get used to seeing. Andrew Garfield is already pretty recognizable for playing one half of the duo that founded Facebook in David Fincher’s now award-winning film, The Social Network. But he has just sky rocketed to insta-fame with his latest casting: Spiderman. Everyone knows how popular super hero movies are these days, and a lot of people have high hopes for this reboot, especially after the disastrous run of the previous Spidey trilogy. Although I have no idea if they have improved upon the plot line this time around, I can honestly say that there is definitely some light at the end of the tunnel with Garfield (and the lovely Emma Stone!) on board. I’m already buying his Peter Parker way more than Tobey Maguire…and have you heard this boy speak? That is one adorable accent! While you wait impatiently for Andrew to slap on that suit, try to check him out in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus – he played the naive and lovestruck Anton oh-so-well.

Loving this short look!

  • Anika

    I recently found out he’s actually a year older than I am and then I didn’t feel so weird about finding him so attractive. 😉

    He was definitely great in Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, although I didn’t enjoy that movie on the whole as much as I expected. I’ve also heard he’s really good in Never Let Me Go – it’s on my list to watch!

  • Elsie

    He’s such a cutie!

  • i watched the social network last weekend and TOTALLY fell for this guy 😉

  • reindrops

    I am in love with him. Hahahaha!

  • Orni

    Omfg…so much cuteness…
    *slowly nosebleeds to death*

  • Tkonnie

    ahhh, why are you so beautiful????!!!

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  • Rasbel11

    I don’t know why…man he’s painfully beautiful

  • mintsauce

    He is perfect, gorgoues, an amazing actor and a great gentelman. Nothing better.

  • Maz_mario

    He is so cute and gougourse