Lovable Friday

1. Initial ring

I really love nameplates and initials on jewelry. I like the personalization and the simplicity. Believe it or not, despite my loud wardrobe, I prefer simple jewelry. These initial rings by Laladesignstudio on Etsy scream understated perfection. And it seems I’m not the only one that felt that way, due to overwhelming demand, she had to close her shop to catch up on orders. No worries though, you can ask to be notified when the shop is ready to be opened once more!

2. DIY cake stands

For those of you that enjoy baking, or just throwing parties like I do, I am always looking for pretty presentation pieces for cupcakes or cakes. Unfortunately, they are always so expensive. That’s why I got so excited when I stumbled on this easy DIY project on Pinterest (no credit available). Not only is it easy (just some gluing and painting needed), but the items – clay pot accessories – are very affordable when compared to some of the adorable cake stands out there. Plus, I adore that you can make your stands match with your decor for each particular event.

3. The neon trend

I love that just after I mentioned that I like more understated accessories, I post my undying love for the neon revolution. Sure, I like simple, but items can be both simple and bright, right? RIGHT? Anywho, nothing makes my fashion senses tingle like a pop piece, and I’m so happy that I am seeing more and more in recent trends. I’m especially jealous of the ongoing trend of brightly colored wedding shoes for the bride – so much more fun than my own bland white pointy flats!

4. Striped backpack

Backpacks are a dime a dozen, but not when they are this cute and striped! Lord knows all the adorable backpacks I would have if I were still in school (whimper, sniff), but I’m just going to have to settle to collect them for travels. This one is screaming at me to take it to Comic Con next year. Too bad it’s also screaming that I will never find it. Originally posted by the always fabulous Swiss Miss, it seems to no longer be available on Etsy any longer. Tease!

5. Marbled fence

This just has to be the cutest garden project ever! Silly naive me thought at first that someone had inserted marbles into holes that already existed in their fence, before realizing it was a precise and well-thought out endeavor. Still cute though. 😉 For those of you that have brightly colored backyards, like myself, I think it would add to the kitschy environment and even for those of you that don’t walk on the wild side – it could add that very desired pop.

  • LOVE the initial rings! Super cute.
    & the marbled fence idea is fab. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I wish I could snatch up a ring right now – hoping the store comes back soon!