“No, I’m going to hyphenate a second time.”

This was my joking response the first time my fiance asked me to marry him. Of course, the way that he asked was “Are you taking my last name when we get married?” I didn’t mean it (I’m totally taking his last name), but he did. After being together for almost three years, we’ve decided that it’s the right time to make ourselves crazy for the next 14 months and get married on Halloween 2015. When it all comes down to it, I really am the luckiest girl in the world and I’m happy that, through whatever happenstance, our lives pushed us back together. (Our “first date” never actually happened and we were briefly split up last year through no one’s fault but ultimately determined that wasn’t going to work.) He and his whole family feels the same way about Halloween that I do and with it falling on a Saturday next year, the date seemed a perfect fit. He works full time and I’m a full time student with a few other things on my part time plate, so we decided that it wasn’t too soon to start planning, and we’ve also got a move on our plate between now and the ringing of wedding bells. If you want to tag along as my journey continues, I’ll leave a link to my currently empty wedding board on Pinterest at the end of the post. But for now…

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Lovable Friday!

1. Ombre sneaks; It’s no secret. I love all things ombre, especially when they come along with a DIY challenge! The uber talented Gissi, of The Architect of Style, broke down the steps of how to achieve perfectly rose petal dipped canvas shoes, and I have to say, this looks like something I can give a whirl. Maybe I should wait until after I finish my year long studded sneaker DIY, huh? Ha.

2. Donut piñata; Homer Simpson would be so proud. Although I’m pretty sure I’d never be able to DIY my own piñata, this one is just so cute it hurts. Definitely for those with a sweet tooth, it would be a perfect detail to any fiesta. If anyone tries it, definitely let me know!

3. Gold dot shower curtain; While shopping for a new shower curtain (life is super exciting these days), I stumbled on this amazing one. Unfortunately, it is no longer available (& had an outrageous price tag anyways), but it would have added such a touch of kitschy class to our master bathroom. Everything happens for a reason though: I was able to find an even better (& affordable) one that fits in perfectly with our mermaid/sea theme. Details soon!

4. Gold leaf barrette; Speaking of gold, this beautiful hair clip is the perfect accessory to jazz up any outfit. I honestly think it would even make a gorgeous bridal hairpiece for a boho chic wedding!

5. Lime Crime’s Babette; I’ve been on a Lime Crime high lately (hello unicorn packaging!), and have been obsessively stalking their new products. Babette had been in the works for some time, and now that it has been released, I need me one. Too bad I waited too long and it is now sold out. Drats.


Lovable Friday!

1. Glow stick pool; OK guys. How cool is this pool full of bright, shiny glow sticks??? I would have never thought to do this, and I definitely would have never thought it would look this cool! You better believe there will be some funky night swimming in my future!

2. Washi tape party decor; I am a big fan of good looking, but easy party decor so washi tape is high on my list of must-haves for this summer’s party season. Wrap some around a plastic cup and voila! Instant personality! You can beat it.

3. Denim heart DIY; Another fabulous DIY! Patterned jeans are still all the rage for Spring, but the perfect ones can be hard to find. That’s why sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands and make your own personally perfect pair! This is another seemingly simple undertaking, but I’ll make sure to report back with my opinion. ;)

4. Lightsaber toothbrushes; I think I’ve found the coolest kid gift ever. Who would think that it would be a toothbrush?!? They are shaped like lightsabers and flash every 60 seconds to promote longer brushing intervals. My husband was super upset that they only come for children. I think there’s a market out there, Star Wars. Just sayin’.

5. Striped wedges; These gorgeous creatures popped up on the streets of Milan fashion week, and unfortunately the link didn’t give me the information I needed. Mainly, where I can get my grubby hands on them. ::sigh:: Oh well, they are probably completely out of reach budget-wise. Right? Right. So that means I shouldn’t obsessively stalk them, right? Right.

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Lovable Friday!

1. State Stamp

I love sending snail mail, especially when it is adorned with special stickers and stamps. Receiving a package in the mail jumps up 10,000 more points when it is pretty to look at, so I am loving all over these state address stamps. And before you scoff at the asking price, know that they are each hand-lettered. Delicious.

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Lovable Friday

1. Striped Balloons

Balloons. I love them to an unnatural degree. Big ones, little ones & everything in between. I’m always on the hunt for unique balloons to add that special touch to an event and these are absolutely wonderful! Best part is that they are from the ultimate cheap party resource: Oriental Trading!!!! Making note….now.

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