“No, I’m going to hyphenate a second time.”

This was my joking response the first time my fiance asked me to marry him. Of course, the way that he asked was “Are you taking my last name when we get married?” I didn’t mean it (I’m totally taking his last name), but he did. After being together for almost three years, we’ve decided that it’s the right time to make ourselves crazy for the next 14 months and get married on Halloween 2015. When it all comes down to it, I really am the luckiest girl in the world and I’m happy that, through whatever happenstance, our lives pushed us back together. (Our “first date” never actually happened and we were briefly split up last year through no one’s fault but ultimately determined that wasn’t going to work.) He and his whole family feels the same way about Halloween that I do and with it falling on a Saturday next year, the date seemed a perfect fit. He works full time and I’m a full time student with a few other things on my part time plate, so we decided that it wasn’t too soon to start planning, and we’ve also got a move on our plate between now and the ringing of wedding bells. If you want to tag along as my journey continues, I’ll leave a link to my currently empty wedding board on Pinterest at the end of the post. But for now…

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Lovable Friday!

1: Chalkboard polish; How on Earth could I not know about Ciate’s chalkboard paint polish??? Sephora states it’s a new item, so maybe I’m not that far behind the trend. I love that the set comes with its own nail pens to help you create your own unique patterns. Although school is over, this would make a great end of year gift for teachers, or just a gift for that special instructor in your life.

2: Colorful napkins; With all those summer parties in your very near future, you are going to need some sunshine-worthy kitchen accessories. In comes these gorgeous Anthropologie napkins in bold and fun colors and patterns. Serving, wiping and folding have never been more fun.

3: Confetti number cake topper; I’m a big fan of DIY cake toppers – it just adds that special something to birthdays, weddings, showers, etc. And this sweet little tutorial looks just perfect and seemingly easy. Definite birthday project!

4: High-waisted chevron swimsuit; Another adorable swimsuit with no original link. What gives, people? But seriously, this high-waisted chevron bikini is so perfect! I can imagine pairing it with a large, floppy hat, an ice cold piƱa colada and a relaxed state of mind {similar found here}.

5: Heart bowls; Talking about cute kitchen accessories – check this sweet bowl set out! I don’t know about you, but serving a nice healthy breakfast in one of these guys would make me way more apt to eat it. Just an idea, dieters.

Lovable Friday!

1. Colorblock sneakers; Crazy colorful shades for the summer? Yes please! These great colorblock sneakers from American Apparel are sure to brighten up your June wardrobe, especially as a pop to any outfit. Yep, need ‘em.

2. Unicorn iPhone case; I stand behind anything unicorn-related. Especially if it is paired with a very unladylike statement. That’s why this iPhone case is kind of perfection. Have I mentioned I have a summer birthday? Just sayin’.

3. Lady suit; Gone are the days where a one-piece bathing suit was just for moms and body conscious women. I can’t get over how cute they are lately, and this one only proves my point. Unfortunately, I can’t find it online, but I’m pretty sure it is Moschino, which means I can kiss it and its hefty price tag goodbye. Le sigh.

4. Instagram flask; Do you and your friends insta?? If you know exactly what that phrase means, chances you are going to definitely want one of these sweet flasks. Can you say perfect groomsmen gift??

5. Mojito jello shots; I blame my good friend, Chris Fullman, for this find. I’m always looking for the next best party drink, and I think I have met my match. How perfect would these be for the next Melificent pool party? Although it seems to be some work (hello, lime scooping), I am up for the challenge!


Birthday Boy Details

October is full of so many festivities – it’s always one of my favorites!

It also is home to my favorite holiday and my favorite person’s birthday, my husband. He said he wanted something very low-key at home with his closest friends. Nothing major, just a night where we could have a few cocktails and catch up. I took the opportunity to make the party special, while not breaking the bank. I used items that were either under $5 or that I found laying around the house. It is totally possible to throw a party at your home without saying goodbye to a quarter of your bank account, I promise.

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Lovable Friday

1. Heart wall decal

I can’t get over this ADORABLE wall decal. I know the hubs will absolutely kill me if I buy it for our home, but I’m severely tempted. Like, I may have the checkout screen staring back at me as we speak. Like, I may have hit the submit button. Oh well, he’ll get over it, right?

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