Lovable Friday!

1. Polka Dot glassware

I am totally loving the fun polkie revolution taking place all across design. After all, who can deny a good polka dot? I know I can’t. One for not taking glassware/tableware very seriously (we never registered for china – wtf for, man?!), I am totally lusting after these beauties. I think it would be absolutely impossible not to smile while drinking from them, even though I’m pretty sure I would just place them on my kitchen counter and admire them from afar. File this one under possibly too cute to use!

2. Colorblock Dress

Oh my, talk about cute! Now this one is not too cute to use – I would probably wear this baby to bed, the grocery store and to water my plants. Just kidding. I don’t water my plants (this is why they are all dead). But I digress. This gorgeous colorblocked frock is so delicious, it reminds me of a popsicle. Plus it looks so airy and comfortable, I can imagine it being the perfect spring dress for all that fun in the sun. Unfortunately, it will also set you back 400 bucks. Anyone that finds me an affordable alternative gets a hug. And a squee.

3. Spike Cuff

Remember my wish to join the wrist party? Well, these amazing spiked cuffs from my favorite, Anika Burke, would totally fit the bill without breaking the bank! They come in silver, gold and black, which basically fulfills any of my styling needs. And you better believe all three may be stacked on my wrist at some point in time. Meaning every day. Possibly. No, definitely.

4. Rainbow Masking Tape Table

I am so happy the rest of the world has finally realized how amazing color can be. It’s about time. I nearly squee’d myself when I saw this adorable home DIY consisting of an IKEA lack table and some washi tape. Then I nearly punched myself for throwing out our old lack side table just a few weeks ago. Curse my anti-hoard mentality!

5. Thumbtack Balls

It’s been awhile since I had been this excited to tackle a DIY project! How amazing are these thumbtack balls? YES, you heard me. Those are thumbtacks you see, just plugged into your regular styrofoam ball (I have about a million in my craft closet that I scored from the dollar store for, you guessed it, $1) and spray painted in fun colors. I can’t believe I’m saying this but these are borderline better looking than my current expensive vase fillers from cb2. Crafting: imminent. I’ll make sure to post the results on the blog when I find the time to get to tackin’!

  • Elsie1224

    Eeek! I smell another craft day! I looooove the rainbow masking tape table and the tack balls! Must do this.

  • Anonymous

    I already grabbed some thumb tacks – let’s do it!

  • Such fun stuff! The table and the thumb tack balls are so fab. What IS washi tape, btw?
    Also, I totally adore those glasses. I could so see those in your cupboards. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Washi tape is fun Japanese tape. So fabulous. I bit too overpriced.
    Gah, those glasses. Can also be grouped into the fabulous but too overpriced category!