Lovable Friday!

1. Place cards

Although this looks like it would be extremely tedious to put together, I can’t help but love these DIY pop up place cards. I think the secret is to keep this DIY to a small party with few guests to reduce the painstaking process of using an Exacto knife to cut out all names (am I the only one that is Exacto knife challenged?). Girls brunch? Bridal shower? Date night at home? Definitely a cute added touch that will make people smile.

2. Le Bunny Bleu Shoes

I like to allow myself one “treat yo self” item a month. Something that I don’t necessarily need, but have been coveting for some time. Cue Le Bunny Bleu. I just discovered this online store and I think it may be the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. I MEAN LOOK AT THESE SHOES. I can’t even. They have the most adorable shoes you will find, I assure you of that. And I want all of them. Do you blame me?

3. DIY Ribbon Sandals

At least in South Florida, I think it’s pretty safe to say that everyone owns a pair of t-strap sandals. That’s why this DIY really stood out to me. I own 2 pairs and I will totally be undertaking this sweet little project. Although, I’m a little hesitant about using white ribbon – something tells me it would turn black pretty quickly. But pink? I’m liking that idea. 😉

4. Hearts & Brights

It physically pains me that I do not know who this adorable little blogger is (found the picture via Pinterest without a link) because her outfit is SO darling. I would love to know where she got that beautiful hearts top! But I digress. I’m pretty sure this will be everyone’s summer staple in the months to come: sheer patterned blouse, orange denim and a blazer/jacket (if anywhere other than hot & humid South Florida). Do you readers agree?

5. Polish Gift

With all the gift giving opportunities coming up this summer, it’s good to know that there are unique, pretty and affordable ideas for all the ladies in your life. This one particularly caught my eye being a polish addict and all. Isn’t it wonderful? I have my own secret location where I stock up on the latest Essie & O.P.I. shades and I think they would make the perfect gift for your favorite girly girls. Wrapped with baker’s twine or raffia along with a cute and colorful nail file and voila! Picture Polish perfect.

  • Nivs

    First BaubleBar and now Le Bunny Bleu?! Loveable Fridays is going to give me a heart attack! Love the Spring Masla Ballet Flats from LBB! ….I’m using waaay too many “!’s”

  • Rox

    I have the same hearts top in beige and I got it from Modcloth, I’ve never seen the white one but its is adorable.

  • Rox
  • Elsie1224

    I love EVERYTHING on this post!!! Must have days to myself for DIY projects!

  • Anonymous

    Me too!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Rox!

  • Anonymous

    I KNOW. It’s a terrible thing. You can send me monthly statements. 😉

  • Karen

    Love love love the polish gift idea! So cute!