Life with Luna: 4 months


Time feels like it is racing by. I recently visited my bestie who just had her daughter, and when holding little Zelda, I could not believe that just 4 months ago, I had someone even tinier in my arms. It really put things into perspective. Before I know it, my baby girl will be a year old and hobbling around like a tiny drunk human and these precious moments will be only memories. Luna only gets more amazing with every day.

She has finally decided to start rolling over from tummy to back consistently, but she will only grace me with one performance a day (which is apparently normal at this stage). She is also getting very vocal – sometimes screaming with joy or determination (I will stick you in my mouth, toy!), and can sit up with some proper propping (definitely not the case with this photo). Lu is a pro at tummy time now, even with her helmet, although she much rather be on her back having dance parties with mom and dad.

Luna started this journey barely scratching the growth charts at the 3rd percentile and is now in the 50th for weight and 25th for length. It’s amazing how far she has come in such a short period of time. She’s such a tough little girl that is laid back and goes with the flow. She has easily adjusted into our lifestyle and schedules, and seriously makes our lives so much happier on a daily basis. All mommy and daddy ask for is for a better sleep pattern (sleep regression sucks)!

Until next month, moon of my life!

  • Danielle Knapp

    She’s definitely growing. The 4 month sleep regression hit us hard too so I feel your sleepless pain on that one <3

  • gamerwife

    Wow! She’s getting so big! And you definitely see her personality coming out.

  • Kay

    She is getting so big! I definitely found every parenting cliche about time passing to be completely true once my daughter was born. I hope her sleep patterns even back out for you soon!

  • melificent

    & thank you, we do too!

  • melificent

    She really is!!!!
    Her little personality is definitely starting to peek out!

  • melificent

    That she is!
    Ugh, I’m so glad I’m not alone!