What I Wore; Loony


Another month, another super fun Geek Girl Brunch theme! This month’s was YA Badass Bitches, and we had such a great time honoring our favorite brave ladies of literature. I went a little off the beaten path and decided to honor Luna Lovegood. She was not afraid to be herself, and illustrated that sometimes the strangest of people make the best of friends. I also have a special connection with her character, and taking home her wand a couple of years ago during one of my last visits to The Wizarding World (find the full story here) solidified that. I knew I had to finally pay her homage and hang up my Gryffindor tie for one afternoon.

Polo; Cat + Jack for Target
Skirt, Boots & Socks; Forever 21
Tie + Earrings; AliExpress
Bracelet + Ring; The Fandom of the Month Club
Wand + Glasses; The Wizarding World of Harry Potter





  • The Cutest! Is Luna your Favorite character? Or is she just one you resonate well with?

  • love this so much