Turn That Frown Upside Down

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Life has its way of really throwing you some curve balls. Sometimes, life decides it’s going to throw you 50 all at once. Because you can handle it, right? For moments like these, I’ve compiled a list of ways to turn that seemingly perpetual frown, upside down.

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1. Exercise.

I know. I hate it too, girlfriend. But if there is something working out does, it relieves stress. Blogilates and Tone it Up are my two favorite (+ free) YouTube channels that help me get in shape when I need it. I can feel summer’s hot breath on my back, so it does me well to get back on track with my fitness.


2. Journal.

I used to journal (online) constantly and it really helped my sanity. There is something about releasing your emotions onto paper (or screen) that feels so unbelievably cathartic. I hadn’t done it in some time (aside from during my pregnancy), and it felt so good to let everything out in a healthy way.


3. Laugh.

I laughed so hard I cried multiple times last weekend at Geek Girl Brunch Miami‘s 80’s prom, and man, did it feel so good. Grab your best girlfriends, a bottle of wine (or several, I don’t judge) and get your laugh on. It truly is the best medicine.

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4. Pros over Cons.

Make a list of all the great things going on in your life. Even if it seems like there are none at the moment, I assure you, there are. And many. This also has the same cathartic effect as journaling since you are putting pen to paper.

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5. Take a Sad Song + Make It Better.

That’s always been one of my favorite song lyrics because it is just so relevant. Whenever something not so fun has been thrown my way, I have propelled myself into the heart of the beast and used it to make myself stronger, better and more of a force to be reckoned with. Use it to fuel you rather than stand in your way.


I hope this basic list can help some of you out there that are having a tough time (whether it be now or later).