Life with Luna: Selfish Mama’s


Luna is 19 months and inching closer and closer to two. Two. How is this happening and how did we get here? It’s both so exciting to see her grow and learn, and so heart wrenching how quickly time has passed. She has definite interests (Mickey Mouse, Elena of Avalor, PJ Masks and My Little Pony), and a budding personality (fierce, but loving), and is finally(!!!) starting to speak. As she has evolved, so have I. I used to be worried about having a child because I was always very selfish. I was the baby of the family and always very coddled. I was never taught anything otherwise.

Tank; Old Navy
Pants; Uniqlo {similar}
Sunglasses; Cat + Jack
Sneakers; Converse

Funny thing is, I have realized that although someone now comes before me always, and I do it without thinking twice, I need to be more selfish than ever. Huh? Well you see, I have to think about what kind of mother I will be to my child. I have to think about me and what my needs are to be the best mom I can be for Luna, because if I don’t feel right, I cannot be 100% there for my child. This new form of selfish has been something that I have found very difficult to tune into. Life often gets in the way, as do emotions. You often feel trapped into doing things that seem pre-packaged as what you “have to do,” but only create barriers. I am working on honing in on what I need to make myself a better person, a better mother, because I feel like everything is moving so fast, and I am missing so much.



Working mama’s: how do you cope with seeing things fly by at rapid speeds?

  • Kay

    I can’t believe she’s closing in on TWO!! It’s so unbelievable how fast time seems to pass once kiddos are in the picture. I want to hug you so hard for what you said about mamas needing to be selfish – YES YES YES. Taking time for yourself, your interests, your needs will only benefit your family/kiddo in the long run. It took me some time to learn that when I was a new mom, and I’m glad you’re embracing it!

  • Two?! No way. Time really does fly. It’s scary, isn’t it?! It’s been really lovely getting to see her grow and develop through your blog posts – I always look forward to Luna posts! 🙂 x x

  • melificent

    Yes way! I’m glad you are enjoying the ride with me 🙂

  • melificent

    It really does fly by in the blink of an eye. Thank you for understanding – after I wrote this post, I immediately wanted to delete it because I felt like it may come off as really emo, or even worse, whiney and negative. I’m glad it came across as intended. 🙂

  • Danielle Knapp

    I can’t believe she’s almost 2! You are so so SO right on us mama’s needing to be selfish. We have to do what’s right for us so we can do what’s right for our babies. Lots of love to you, my friend 🙂

  • melificent

    I’m so glad that my little Internet geek mom gang understands. So much love your way!