SDCC 2017 Roll Call


I used to go to San Diego Comic Con every other year.
Getting pregnant and having Luna kind of changed that tradition, but I am so happy that I’ll be back this year! Many people quote Disney as the happiest place on Earth, but to me it’s definitely SDCC.  Sure, it’s pure insanity and 4-5 days of day drinking, constant activity/partying and little to no sleep, but I would not have the experience play out any other way. Sensory overload is probably the best way to describe a true Comic Con experience. Throw in the fact that I have not gone into the convention in about 5 years and yep: I feel like a rookie again.

Despite my born again SDCC-ness, check out my tips for what you should bring/expect here and what you can wear here + here.

Who else will be in attendance? I’d love to meet + hang out with you all!
I also can’t wait to share all my SDCC 2017 outfits and events in the weeks to come.

  • Yayyy can’t wait to be back in the crazy with ya! <3

  • melificent


  • lazypadawan

    I’m volunteering and will be wearing the Comic Con Is My Cardio shirt one of the days.