What I Wore: Wynwood Sunday

Although the thought of Monday slowly creeping up beyond the distance can ruin any Sunday, they may be my new favorite. The hubs and I usually have a date day, try something new and explore. Although the Wynwood neighborhood is not new for us, I tried Panther Coffee for the first time (I don’t think I’m hipster enough to hang there) and finally got to try Taqueria (yay for corn tacos that don’t make me sick). The sun was blazing something fierce, but thankfully this super comfy silk dress kept it light and fresh. Paired with my new favorite surplus vest, I kind-of-maybe played the part of ultra cool hipster. 😉

Dress; Stitch Fix {similar}
Vest; c/o Conversation Pieces
Sneakers; Urban Outfitters {similar}
Headband; H&M {similar}
Accessories; gifted

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Nails of the Month

I know I’ve been MIA, but I was busy celebrating my birthday! It was a great week (yes, I milk it for as long as I can), but I’m ready to jump back into the blog full force. I can’t think of a better way to come back than with Nails of the Month!

1. My Little Pony; when choosing these fun, pastel colors, I couldn’t help but think of MLP. Growing up, it was my favorite cartoon and I must admit, I am still enamored by all the pretty ponies. This is the same ombre as last month, just with a third color added for more depth. I used Essie’s Bottle Service and Play Date, along with Savina’s Light Mist.

2. Pinkie; sometimes I can do simple. Super embarrassing to admit, but I forgot I had this Essie shade. I discovered it while cleaning out my overflowing polish rack (first world problems). Bottle Service is a super bright and punchy pink: perfect for the summer. If you want to go full on neon, add a white base coat underneath.

3. Half moon; another great tutorial by the wonderful MissJenFabulous. What I loved about this one is how deceivingly EASY it is. This is one of those manicures that got attention everywhere I went from friends down to straight up strangers. I’ve tried half moon manicures before, but they have required taping the portion of your nail you’d like mooned, which always ended up really messy and at least for me, the tape would rip off my nail polish 80% of the time. With this tutorial, Jen suggested painting the nail in full in whatever color you wanted to be the accent moon (in this case, Essie’s No Place Like Chrome) and then painting over it in the top shade, just ending short to create the half moon effect (I used Lime Crime’s Peaches & Cream). How easy is that????

Nails of the Month

Say hello to a new feature!!!

I’m pretty sure everyone knows by now that I kind of have a problem with nail polish. Namely, my collection looks like something you find at a beauty salon and I may recite the name of Essie colors like they were my children’s. But hey! Everyone has their vices, right? I could do a lot worse than nail polish. 😉

So I’ll be chronicling all my manicures for the month and then linking the tutorials I followed (if they are all fancy-like), and the colors I used, since I get a lot of comments/questions when I post them on my Instagram. This way, I can share the information with all you guys, while also reviewing some shades at the same time! Like it? Good!

1: Galaxy nails; This one was super fun, and surprisingly easy! As long as you have a variety of shades (I don’t have that problem – heh), you should be good to go. Especially when you are following this fantastic tutorial. The colors I used were China Glaze’s Smoke & Ashes for the base, along with Sinful Colors’ Love Nails, Essie’s Boom Boom Room, Savina’s Light Mist & N.Y.C.’s Starry Silver Glitter.
2: Ombre nails; So after such a kick ass tutorial, I decided to subscribe to MissJenFabulous‘ videos, and found that her ombre how to was her top rated. Naturally, I had to give it a try. This one? Even easier than the galaxy nails! Since my nails are so short, I decided to only choose 2 colors, but next time I’m going to go big and try 3. Also, here’s a tip: I personally think you should choose really bright hues that are not similar for the best effect. You may not be able to note the ombre effect if they are too close in hue. Don’t be timid! I used Essie’s Tart Deco & Boom Boom Room.
3: Fancy nails; I’m a big fan of the fancy nail. It just gives a simple manicure that omph that makes it special. Unfortunately, I really needed that with this mani because I was pretty disappointed with the main shade, Essie’s Absolutely Shore. As you see, it’s not very opaque, and that was after like 4-5 coats! Not my favorite color…For the fanciness, I used Essie’s Boom Boom Room again (didn’t realize how much I used it in June) layered with Essie’s Over the Top.
4: Color club; After several recommendations from another polish-obsessed friend, I decided to give Color Club a try. As their name suggests, they carry some pretty fun hues that are very pigmented, so naturally I was drawn to the brights. The one that really caught my eye was Age of Aquarius, this amazing aqua. It is simply the perfect shade for summer. New favorite! Best part? They come in for a lot less than Essie, China Glaze or O.P.I. and (at least in my experience) last so much longer!

Squeeworthy: Clinique’s A Different Nail Enamel

Clinique never fails me when it comes to safe & effective beauty products. I was in love with their new CC cream (here) and I felt no different after checking out their new line of nail polishes, A Different Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skins. It’s formulated to minimize skin sensitivity (that not only includes skin, but eyes as well). Why is this important? Well, did you nail enamel can cause irritation and even contact dermatitis on the thin skin around the eye? It’s actually considered a significant allergen source for those in the dermatological community!

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Lovable Friday!

1. Hair Chalk; Since my hair is shorter now, I don’t really have all the options I did before for fun ombre and fashion colors. That’s why I’m all about these temporary hair chalks! They are easy to apply, come in vibrant colors and wash out without a problem. Sign me up!

2. Batman Money Clip; I have a lot of nerds and dorks in my life. And I would never have it any differently. When I saw this Batman money clip, I knew I had found the perfect gift item! Definitely keeping for future reference.

3. Glitter Mani; Although I’m no longer very adventurous when it comes to unique manicures (they always seem easy enough, don’t they???), this one has me itching to attempt a recreation. I mean, does this read princess or what? May be worth the effort! 😉

4. Flamingo Bikini; It’s almost time for bikini season…well, let’s be honest. It Miami, it’s always bikini season! My first bikini encounter will be next weekend at the Floatopia event, and oh how I wish I could debut this ADORABLE number from Victorias Secret. Not only is it electric and fun, but it represents the 305 with its quirky little flamingos to the tee! Total must have.

5. DIY Ottoman; IKEA makes it so easy to have a fresh and hip home on a budget! Its affordable furniture makes it easy to use for DIY’s, especially this one. Seems like after only a few easy steps, you can have a statement piece for your living room (or even bedroom – think of it in front of your bed!). Best part? The grand total is a whopping $8! Love.