Master Bedroom Redo

February 19th, 2013 | Posted in Home by Meli

Is it possible to nest without being pregnant?
This is what I’ve been asking myself since I decided 2013 would be the year that we would start phase 2 of home renovations/remodeling/general facelifts. Although I feel like our house is definitely a home, we want it to portray more of our personalities, so we are looking for more art for the walls, spunkier furniture and accessories to spruce things up a bit in certain rooms.

I am currently focusing on the living room, but the bedroom is next up on the plate. Right now, our bedroom is very dark and masculine. Basically: not us. We wanted to make it a little lighter and brighter, and the hubs has been nice enough to let me add some more feminine touches. Here is a guide I’ve been working with to try and decide on aesthetic and I decided to share it with all of you in case you are also looking for something similar for any room in your home; new or old.

1; Audrey mirror 2; Gazelle figurine 3; Malm dresser 4; Fado table lamp 5; Mirrored glass table 6; Polka dot lucite tray 7; Polka dot sheets

So back to that question. Nesting: only a phenomenon while pregnant? I vote no. What do you think?

Birthday Boy Details

October 30th, 2012 | Posted in DIY, Parties, Party Planning by Meli

October is full of so many festivities – it’s always one of my favorites!

It also is home to my favorite holiday and my favorite person’s birthday, my husband. He said he wanted something very low-key at home with his closest friends. Nothing major, just a night where we could have a few cocktails and catch up. I took the opportunity to make the party special, while not breaking the bank. I used items that were either under $5 or that I found laying around the house. It is totally possible to throw a party at your home without saying goodbye to a quarter of your bank account, I promise.

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{Being Melificent} Living Gluten-Free in Miami

October 23rd, 2012 | Posted in Food, Local, Personal by Meli

Hello, new feature!

In an attempt to be more candid and bring a little more ME to Melificent (see what I did there?), I will be starting to post entries regularly about things that are going on in my personal life, beliefs, advice or just what’s cluttering my brain at the moment. What can I say? I was a Livejournal kid. It’s my natural tendency to want to bear my soul.

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What I Wore: Jolly Green Melificent?

July 3rd, 2012 | Posted in Fashion by Meli

Still attempting the “trying to love shorts” project. And I have to admit, I’m kind of losing this battle. I just do not find them very flattering, although I did think this outfit was very cute, festive and summer-y. I’m not going to toss all my shorts in a bonfire anytime soon, but I believe I’ll stick to skirts, dresses, pants and jeans for now. You know who is the real star of this post? MY HOUSE. Isn’t it just the cutest??? Sorry, I have homeowners tourettes. I also loved that I am now able to twirl my hair and apply some hairspray and voila! Instant beach hair! It’s very hard to even consider getting a haircut on days like this!

Additionally I want to thank a lot of you for giving me recommendations last week on places to find great shorts for my body type. As I’m sure you can all tell, I am very petite on top, while my hips don’t lie (thank you Cuban roots), so I appreciate a good curvy fit. I will definitely be checking out Ann Taylor Loft as suggested, and so should all you other ladies with a similar shape!

Top; c/o Conversation Pieces
Shorts; Gap {similar}
Flats; Target
Sunglasses; H&M {similar}
Spike cuff; c/o Anika Burke {similar}
Claw cuff; Ebay
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Magical Moments Monday

February 6th, 2012 | Posted in Fashion, Personal by Meli

x. participating in the new #febphotoaday on Instagram
x. retail therapy binge
x. not having to study when I get home from work anymore
x. grungy lead female vocals
x. new, pretty hair (post coming soon)
x. China Glaze’s Hunger Games collection – esp. Electrify and Smoke & Ashes
x. being back in planning mode (THG party, bachelorette weekend)
x. supporting my derby family
x. singing Weezer at karaoke
x. seeing old friends
x. 2-4-1 w/ my hunny
x. the Puppy Bowl!

ps; were any of you able to score some Jason Wu pieces from Target? I visited 2 stores to no avail. Stock was so low! Definitely not a magical moment.