An Ode to Comic Con

I’ve had such good memories at Comic Con the past two years.
I think that’s why it makes me so sad that I will not be in attendance this year.
I can’t mourn my loss for too long though. The only reason I am not
going is because we are going to Europe in November, so complaining just
feels a little silly. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t reminiscence about all the
good times I did have. Here are some of my most favorite moments from SDCC
2009 and 2010. Looking forward to 2012!

My True Blood Birthday '09

I met Cyanide & Happiness! '09

Stalking the Observer! '09

Dom Monaghan surprises us at the Flash Forward panel '09

We were randomly sitting in front Deborah Ann Woll for the Coraline Panel! '09

With Edward James Olmos at the Battlestar concert! '09
Last LOST panel ever. </3 '09
The best birthday crew a girl could ask for '09
LOST props for our harassment '09
Heroes carnival w/ my love '09
My teddy bear, Michael Sheen! '10
A wonderful birthday surprise from Zach Levi! '10
Super couple on the street '10
Rosy getting cheeky w/ Mr. Ventimiglia '10
Sookie & Bill missing their Eric counterpart '10
With the lovely Ian Somerhalder '10
Vampire Diaries boys are the best '10
Bazinga! Sweetest little nerd ever (me? or him?) '10
My favorite cast: Fringe '10
Dexter party with the man himself '10
Free swag is the name of the game at Con '10
Because we love her. '10
The best sport in the world, Daniel Dae Kim '10

For all my fellow geeks, make sure to follow Accidental Sexiness as she covers the
massive pop culture event for the next 4 days, and take in some Melificent advice
on how to survive the madness here!

  • Roxanne Smith

    Comic Con is one of the best times I’ve ever had, EVA!!! I’m dying to go again but who knows when that might be possible : I’m so glad I was able to go at least once!

  • Melissa

    Goddamn, those are great pictures!

  • Anonymous

    Well thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Never say never, Rox! We had a great time with you that year <3

  • She loves you too!! <3 SO glad we're doing it all again next year.
    Yesterday was a blast, but it's just not the same without cohorts. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Aw, definitely can’t wait to do it all over again with you in tow! <3