Lovable Friday!

1. Painted words as art

Like I’ve mentioned before, our walls are pretty bare in our home. It’s just so expensive to fill them up with nice, quality art. That’s why I’m such a huge fan of all these great wall art DIY’s going around, and I especially love this idea from Oh Happy Day. Who would have thought that writing your favorite quote using a paintbrush would look so elegant and refined? Both the hubs and I are big fans of simplicity and minimalism, so this project could not fit our style any more perfectly. This is one of those projects I’m definitely going to be attempting soon! Now to pick the quote…

2. Zara bag

Oh bags. I have such a love/hate relationship with them. You see, I can’t bring myself to spend a whole lot of money on purses for some reason. I rather blow it on shoes, food or hookers. OK, maybe not hookers, but you catch my drift. I’m just not one of those girls with a massive purse collection (I’m always borrowing from my family/friends), but I may just have to lift the spending freeze with this not so little pretty from Zara. I tend to gravitate (when I do) towards bigger bags, and oh dear! that color! Mental note: not allowed near any Zara stores until I am gallivanting through the streets of Barcelona.

3. Dog art

Since we are on the topic of wall art, check out this lovely homage to man’s best friend! I absolutely love how the pup’s profile was painted (screened?) in such vibrant pops of color and how gorgeous it looks against the neutral furnishings. This is something else I would love to attempt with my little smush faces as muses, but I think it would be more of an epic undertaking. Is that wood? Fabric? I don’t know, but I’m thinking I just may be up to the challenge!

4. Fun organization

One of my oldest online buddies, Madonna, introduced me to the gloriousity (I make up my own words – so what?) that is Twinkie Chan. As if I needed another blog to love/obsess over! And Twinkie makes that so easy by being just the absolute cutest thing ever, and filling her blog with tons of vibrant, fun, kawaii goodies that make the most mundane seem exciting and appealing. Point in case: this post about organizing her jewelry. It’s an age old tale that all us females are familiar with: how to make any sort of sense of all our accessories, but Twinkie manages to make it new and refreshing. Look at how adorable that little setup is?? All of a sudden, my twig branch hooks that hold up my necklaces look lame as all get out!

5. DIY Chevron Rug

Another home DIY project to get your creative juices flowing! Everyone knows chevron stripes are basically the hippest things ever right now, so why not make your own chevron striped rug? Sure, it will take a lot of time and patience (2 things a lot of us do not have), but the end result will be worth it! I would be so down to complete this project yesterday, but my dogs seem to think every rug in the house is their bed (I don’t buy them their own beds b/c they also find it very fun to tear them up…repeatedly), making it very hard to splurge on pretty ones – or spend hours making one only for them to muss it up. However, I’m thinking I could make one that would only make appearances during special events like parties or holidays. You will not ruin my fun, dogs!

& once again, here is my 30 Day Photo Challenge weekly update:

  • MaDonna Flowers

    Aww, thanks Meli! I’m so glad you love Twinkie – AND, I’ve totally drooled over those pictures of her jewelry displays. Have you seen her craft room? WALL OF YARN! :3


  • Anonymous

    Oh I have. ::drool::

  • Hey now, I’ve been using gloriousity for years. 😉
    I think you should TOTALLY attempt the dog art hanging!!
    How fun would that be and you would be so proud to say you did it yourself. 🙂

    – anikaguldstrand.wordpress.com

  • Anonymous

    It’s sounding more and more doable every day!
    …& it would look like a true GLORIOUSITY 😉