Magical Moments Monday

December 5th, 2011 | Posted in DIY, Geekery, Personal by Meli

x. the idea of a progressive party.
x. this beautiful video that illustrates sometimes words are not needed & love should not be judged
x. multiple FedEx & UPS visits (!!)
x. catching up on my favorite blogs
x. picking up a killer new piece of furniture for our house on Craigslist (pics after the holidays)
x. seeing my nephew race his go kart for the first time
x. warming up a new home with some of my favorite people
x. having people in my life that truly know, believe and trust me
x. getting our Christmas lights up (w/ minimal injuries)
x. sitting in the bed of our truck, holding hands & enjoying the beautiful weather
x. laughing so hard we cried while babysitting my nephew
x. tackling a golden snitch DIY ornament project for myself & friends

  • Elsie1224

    Quite a list!!! The snitches came out really good! :)

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t they? One is yours!

  • Lovable Friday! « Melificent

    [...] OK, so it’s a little early for Christmas (& I don’t even really like it to begin with) but I had to share this really fantastic DIY project. Who wouldn’t want beautiful and colorful sprinkles inside their Christmas ornaments?!? It would look especially perfect with our cute little white tree and add to my collection of DIY ornaments (remember my golden snitch?). [...]

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