Magical Moments Monday

x. the idea of a progressive party.
x. this beautiful video that illustrates sometimes words are not needed & love should not be judged
x. multiple FedEx & UPS visits (!!)
x. catching up on my favorite blogs
x. picking up a killer new piece of furniture for our house on Craigslist (pics after the holidays)
x. seeing my nephew race his go kart for the first time
x. warming up a new home with some of my favorite people
x. having people in my life that truly know, believe and trust me
x. getting our Christmas lights up (w/ minimal injuries)
x. sitting in the bed of our truck, holding hands & enjoying the beautiful weather
x. laughing so hard we cried while babysitting my nephew
x. tackling a golden snitch DIY ornament project for myself & friends

  • Elsie1224

    Quite a list!!! The snitches came out really good! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t they? One is yours!

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