Lovable Friday!

I am so so so so happy to have Lovable Friday back in action!!!! I love sharing all my most favorite things for the week with all of you and those things have definitely been piling up for the past 3 months.

1. Boo, You Whorecrux tee
Oh my Potter! I can’t even handle the amazingness of this tee right now. I love not only that it is a great Potter reference, but also an equally fantastic Mean Girls one. The two melded together might quite possibly be the best pairing ever. I obviously need this shirt for my next Wizarding World visit. Am I right, Potterheads??

2. Elvish Insult Cards
Do you show your affection by hurling geeky insults at your friends? Whew. Glad I’m not the only one. These Elvish insult cards are hilarious and kind of the perfect gift for those Lord of the Rings obsessed fans in your life (cough cough, like me!). Or they may be exactly what you want to send your super cool bro cousin just to confuse.

3. Instagram Photo Frames
I can’t get over how fantastic these look! Blogger, Daffodil Design, put together one of my favorite Instagram DIY’s a few months back. She collected all her favorite Insta’s from the year, created a collage, printed them at poster size and put them in affordable IKEA frames. Somehow, those 4 easy steps resulted in this amazing creation! The hubs and I have already started compiling our favorites to do the same. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

4. Jackalope Jewelry Holder
We are going to remodel our bedroom in a couple months to fit our style a little better, so out with the dark furniture and in with a more light, vintage and quirky feel. One of those new additions clearly has to be this amazing jewelry holder. I mean, just look at it! It’s going to look perfect perched on top our new blue dresser, don’t you think?

5. Pixel Cake
Unfortunately, I don’t know who to credit for this work of art, but isn’t it just gorgeous?? It would be perfect for a grooms cake or a bridal shower. I absolutely love it and kind of need to have it for our next celebration. Gluten free please.

  • Elsie

    Love it all!!!!