One Day in Orlando

Some may call us crazy, but we fell in love with a vintage desk at 1618 Something Different last weekend while at MegaCon in Orlando. This is something that we are severely lacking in Miami, so I definitely wanted to experience it since I’d much rather have something special and unique in our home than what everyone picks up at Crate & Barrel, IKEA or West Elm. We hear that we have similar (?) antique shopping here in South Florida, but I have yet to see or believe it. If you know of such places, please leave me some suggestions in the comments!

Either way, we decided to make it a one-day adventure. We’d wake up early, drive up, pick up our desk and then spend the rest of the day exploring as much as possible before starting our trek back home. A really amazing bartender we met at The Imperial in Washburn Imports during our last visit gave us a list of must-do’s, so we pulled it out and started choosing. We ultimately selected East End Market, and I am SO glad we did.

East End Market reminded me of something you would find on the west coast – think the Ferry Building in San Francisco – only bite-sized. A bunch of quality, locally sourced products all in one adorable little space. Fresh herbs could be found out front with picnic benches sprawled for customers to enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine. A number one highlight for me was my completely gluten-free & vegan lunch from Skyebird. I had this great taco salad (with mushrooms as a meat substitute) and delicious tropical kale juice in an adorable mason jar.

For people with food allergies like myself, knowing that you can eat safely (and deliciously) means so, so much. The fact that Miami is so far behind the game makes me very upset, and has literally left me feeling like I cannot go out to enjoy a meal with my husband or friends. Take note, Miami. You have a very long way to go. Again, if you have any suggestions for great places that I may have missed here in the Magic City, please let me know!

Even though I only featured one of the shops, check out all the rest of East End Market’s merchants here.
I can’t wait to visit again the next time I am in Otown!

Lovable Friday!

1. Comicbookgirl19; My husband turned me on to this incredible chick, and I am so glad he did. As her name suggests, she covers all things comics, as well as pop culture, but in such a relatable and fun way. I mean, she has a robot sidekick and bright pink hair. Shall I say more? No, but seriously, she has turned us on to a lot of new geeky stuff and has a killer Game of Thrones series. Check it out fellow fangirls (& boys).

2. Fabulous folding chairs; You know you have some scrubby ass folding chair buried somewhere in your house. It’s embarrassing, dirty and definitely not worthy of your kick ass decor. Well, this DIY is sure to change that! With a little patience, determination and a staple gun, you will be well on your way to making dem chairs fancy, gurl.

3. Yellow skirt; Another Pinterest ghost. I’m featuring way too many of these and it’s just not fair to you or to me, quite honestly, but I can’t help myself. I mean, look at that skirt. Look at that color pop! The scalloped slit! The amazing fit! How could any red-blooded girl resist? To me, it screams J.Crew. What do you Pinterest sleuths determine?

4. Omission gluten free beer; Let me get real for a second. Gluten free beer? It tastes disgusting. Real talk, people. Most of the time, I can stomach it, but this really unappetizing after taste remains. For awhile. An uncomfortable while. For that reason, I have stuck to wine for a long time now. But every now and then, I can’t handle everyone holding frosty beer mugs around me. The peer pressure is too strong and I want to be holding an ice cold beer myself. Well, those days are over. Omission gluten free beer is a craft beer – that’s right. I said BEER. It is made with all the stuff regular beer is made of: barley, hops, water and yeast. EXCEPT, it is brewed in such a way that it REMOVES all gluten making it safe for glutards like myself. This beer tastes like any craft beer should, and for that, I am thankful. Pick it up at Total Wine!

5. Kitty bangle; This precious kitty bangle is as adorable as it is overpriced! Despite it’s exaggerated price tag, I find myself needing it in the worst way. Have I mentioned I don’t particularly like cats (I’m actually super allergic)? Why am I drawn to this damn thing? Definite first world problems.

A Melificent Kitchen: GF/Dairy Free Pizza Bites

I’m not a star in the kitchen by any means, but since adhering to my gluten free/dairy free diet more strictly, I’ve had to come to terms with cooking. And you know what? I’ve had fun! Pinterest is a great resource for recipes for those of us with dietary restrictions, and this particular recipe for pizza bites really stood out. Not only are they safe, but also healthy! Six of these babies are only approximately 265 calories. So binge away, readers!

All you need is a box of uncooked quinoa. I use Nature’s Earthly Choice, a quick grab at your local Publix Greenwise aisle. Go ahead, and follow the directions on the box. While it’s cooking, you are going to need the following ingredients:

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Lovable Friday!

1. Castle bed linens; these bed linens couldn’t be cuter if they tried. The Australia based company prides themselves on providing quality hand made products, specifically stark white linens with perfectly flouro pillowcases in fun designs. It’s times like these were I start to curse the existence of international shipping.

2. Mini cacti garden; I’ve developed a deep love of succulents. I don’t know if it’s because they are easier to care for (& I have a black thumb) or if they are just more aesthetically pleasing to me, but I can’t get enough of them. This adorable mini garden would make the perfect centerpiece for your coffee table or outdoor patio. Plus is that these little cuties can even be found at your local CVS for less than $2 a pop!

3. DIY envelopes; this blogger stated that she may be crazy. I personally think she’s a genius. I love looking through those huge scrapbook paper pads whenever I am at Joann’s or Michael’s, so the thought of making adorable custom envelopes with them make my heart flutter. I also enjoy Friday night crafting while watching rom-coms. I think this may be love, guys.

4. Flower pops; file this under, “too pretty to eat.” Well, maybe. These would be the perfect addition to a summer pool party, bridal or baby shower. Just make sure the flowers you choose are edible or you may be in for a not-so-tasty surprise(did I mention that one time my hubs ate his wedding boutineer? Yikes).

5. DIY outdoor bar; although this will surely prove to be one hell of an undertaking, I am willing to man up for the challenge. I’ve always wanted to have a bar in our backyard, since it is the perfect space for summer pool parties, but I don’t really have the room (or extra budget) to get one. In comes this amazing compact bar! Now…to make it hurricane proof….


Lovable Friday!

I am so so so so happy to have Lovable Friday back in action!!!! I love sharing all my most favorite things for the week with all of you and those things have definitely been piling up for the past 3 months.

1. Boo, You Whorecrux tee
Oh my Potter! I can’t even handle the amazingness of this tee right now. I love not only that it is a great Potter reference, but also an equally fantastic Mean Girls one. The two melded together might quite possibly be the best pairing ever. I obviously need this shirt for my next Wizarding World visit. Am I right, Potterheads??

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