In the Name of the Moon: Sailor Moon Inspired Finds

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I was heavily into Sailor Moon growing up. It was my first taste of anime, and I couldn’t get enough of the Magical Girl genre. I didn’t stop with the anime series though, I also watched the movies and the live-action series (don’t judge). Unfortunately, since I have such a terrible memory, I don’t remember details and am a little rusty on my canon. However, Hulu has helped me refresh by re-releasing all 200 episodes (2 at a time every Monday)! I’ve been torturing anyone I can find by having them watch with me, and twice a month, you can also find me glued to the newest series, Sailor Moon Crystal, which is also being aired by Hulu (this one is based on the manga). Basically, it is all Sailor Moon, all the time at my house and I couldn’t be happier.

With this seemingly being the summer of Moonies, I, of course, find it completely necessary to stock up on all things Sailor Senshi. Here are some of my favorite finds;

Top Row; Artemis Tee (x), Luna/Artemis Sleep Masks (x), What Would Luna Do Sweater (x) | Middle Row; Sailor Moon Inspired Stickers (x), Moon Crisis Compact (x), Sailor Moon Tee (x) | Bottom Row; I am Sailor Moon Tank Dress (x), Luna Crop Top (x), Sailor Moon Patches (x)

Diary Entry #1


So super stoked (& unbearably nervous) to unveil my vlogger/podcaster (??) debut with The Fangirl Diaries first diary entry! I do my best to provide a spoiler-free review of the newest series of BBC’s Sherlock and I hope I did a good enough job. It’s my first time attempting this format so there were a lot of takes and a lot of bloopers. I’d absolutely love it if you could show us some love by either liking our Facebook fanpage or subscribing to our Youtube channel (preferably both!).

Also, no fear! More consistent blog entries are on their way. I’ve had a lot of extracurriculars lately keeping me busy, but I hope to be back on the blog train very very soon!

Lovable Friday

1. Although my eyes immediately fixate on hot heels, the reality of the matter is that I wear flats the most. I work with kids all day, every day and when I have time to relax, half of the time I don’t feel like fighting with a pair of uncomfortable stilettos. That’s why I’m trying to train my brain to become enamored with cute flats just as much. These are definitely a good place to start. They are adorable, look comfy and adhere to my “put a bow on it” mantra. Sold.

2. Thanks to the launch (& soon to be finale – sniff) of Sherlock’s series 3, I’m having a hard time focusing on anything else. Cue adorable Sherlock print from this Australian seller and I can’t handle myself. The feels are serious OK?!?!

3. As if I needed another excuse to grow my nail polish collection, Gwen Stefani goes ahead and partners with OPI. I obviously need every single one, but if I was made to pick only one shade, I would go with Hey Baby. But let’s be real. When do I ever just choose one? Intervention imminent.

4. I don’t know why I continue to expose myself to new and potentially wallet-ruining sites. Me & Zena is one of those. They have amazingly fun and unique jewelry pieces that not only call to me, but basically scream my name repeatedly. This unicorn necklace currently has me on speed dial.

5. I know it may be overkill at this point, but I love me a good chevron print. Leave it to Dwell Studio to cook up such a great looking coffee table in it. The price is definitely not right, but I am definitely enjoying it from afar.

Themed Nails: Gatsby & Sherlock

So if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I took on not one, but TWO themed parties in the span of a week. Some may call it crazy, I call it a challenge. First off was our Great Gatsby New Years Eve bash. I had a lot of fun decorating our place with glitter, sequins and fringe, but lets be honest. What gets me most excited are the themed mani’s that come along with events!

I didn’t have a whole lot of time, so I had to look over great tutorials, such as this one, before settling on the one you see above (reference). I have to say that it was a super easy manicure to achieve and it looked fantastic! I was complimented on it for days afterwards and it held up nicely.

Gatsby Nails
Two coats of Essie‘s Shifting Power
Two coats of China Glaze‘s Smoke & Ashes, stopping a little short to create the reverse french effect
One heaping coat of Sally Hansen‘s Big Matte Top Coat only over the black portion

Only a few days later, we hosted a viewing party for the new series of BBC’s Sherlock, which I can honestly say is my new favorite show. I have an unhealthy addiction to it and just can’t get enough. It’s been awhile since I’ve felt the fangirl burn inside of me so bright! Of course, I would have these feelings for a show that only airs 3 episodes every 2 years. I hate you, Moffat. But all that aside: FINGERNAILS (reference).

Sherlock Nails
One coat of Sinful ColorsSnow Me White (or any white polish) over all fingers except your accent
Three coats of Essie‘s Bouncer It’s Me on all nails
Create the Union Jack on your accent nail using a toothpick (it works even better than my dotting tools!)
For the red, I used Essie‘s Aperitif

Also, remember to exercise patience while trying to pull off these manicures. I often do not succeed, but I’m trying my best to learn to sit still! Doing nail art while watching a movie or TV show tends to help keep me occupied.

Lovable Friday

1. A Letter from Fred; A friend posted this on his Facebook, and I decided to listen as I was driving home from work. Well, needless to say, I think everyone driving by me thought someone had just died because I was sobbing in my driver’s seat. This is such a touching and heartfelt story about an old man and his undying love for his recently deceased wife. I think everyone should have the opportunity to experience a love this powerful and, as Frank put it, REAL. Just have your tissues ready.

2. Sherlock; Add another TV obsession to the list. Sherlock is just incredible. I love the beauty shots of my favorite city, the way the show is filmed and the incredible cast. It gives Sherlock Holmes a new modern side that you have never seen before. At a running time of 90 minutes an episode, you really have to commit, but it is so worth it. Seasons are only 3 episodes long, and trust me, they leave you wanting more. Plus, is Benedict Cumberbatch not the cutest? I totally adore him and his Asperger-ness.

3. *Nsync reunion; I have a confession to make: I used to be one helluva Nsync fangirl back in the day. I went to more shows than I can remember, learned all the dance moves and yes, even had a Lance Bass marionette (figures I loved the gay one). So when they reunited (even for a brief 2 minutes) on last weekend’s VMA’s, a little piece of me reverted back to that 18 year old hyper fan. Seriously, I screamed, jumped and possibly shed a few tears. But what a tease! I demand a reunion tour!

4. Jelly boots; These clear ombre-like boots are killing me. Mainly because I don’t know if I should add them to my wardrobe. Sure, they are fun and different, but will they stand the test of time? My vote is probably no, but I am not one to adhere to any of those silly guidelines anyways. Plus, this would give me another reason to buy more fun socks! Good talk, self. Good talk.

5. Black Milk’s Harry Potter line; As my best friend, Elsie, would say: “Just shut up & take my money.” I share that sentiment in regards to Black Milk Clothing’s new Harry Potter line that is slated to debut September 10th. Leggings, dresses and swimsuits decked out in marauder maps, deathly hallows and house crests? Say no more. How much were they again?