Hi, my loves!
Just letting you all know that I will be starting on quite a few adventures tomorrow. I start my journeys in Eastern Europe for my day job and then continue to California and New York City for lots and lots of fun straight into October! During my 2-week stint in Europe, I will have an amazing guest blogger taking over, but I’ll still be extremely active during the U.S. portion of my travels.

See you all soon!

Happy Halloween {& an update}!

I hope all of you enjoy my favorite holiday, have fun, stay safe and don’t overdose on sugary goodness.

A quick little note if you don’t follow my fan page on Facebook (if you don’t, remedy that please): I will have to step away from the blog for about 3 months starting tomorrow. Something came up that needs my undivided attention, so unfortunately, the blog is going to have to take a backseat until then. Good news is, I will still be posting, but I will be limiting those posts to about once a week. I’ve asked some friends and fellow bloggers to please contribute whenever they can so that the blog does not remain too stagnant. If you are interested in participating, definitely let me know!

Back in the States

Hi everyone!

I’m back!!!
I can’t even describe how amazing our vacation was, but as they say, home is truly where the heart is. I’m reluctant to jump back into reality again, but at the same time, our little routine will be greatly appreciated after our nonstop hectic Euro schedule.

Big thanks to my guest bloggers, Anika, Elissa and Lori Todd. They really held the fort while I was gone and shared some pretty great content. What do you have to look forward in the weeks to come? Some Euro outfit posts, a giveaway and some fun and personalized guides to each city we visited.

I can’t wait to get back on the ball, but for right now, I need to get my bearings.
Melificent will be back in full swing starting next week!

‘Til then!


Tomorrow I head out to LA with my buddy, Bonnie, to see one of our favorite 90’s bands, Bush, play their first show together since 2002. I can hardly contain my excitement as I am not only seeing Rossdale and company, but also staying with old friends and meeting new ones: namely members of the Bush Army (I made the cute badges above for all of us to wear to the show)! It’s going to be a great few days, but that leaves the blog all by its lonesome until my return.

Thankfully, I was able to secure my first ever guest blogger and she is all sorts of wonderful! The lovely Terri will be posting on the blog starting tomorrow through Tuesday and I have complete and total faith that she will do an amazing job! In the meantime, make sure you check out her blogs: Terribull and Tampa Bay Style Online.

While I’m gone, I hope all of you behave as I plan not to. 😉
If you want to keep track of my west coast shenanigans, feel free to follow me on Twitter as I’m sure I will be as active as always, documenting the madness!