What I Wore: Short Shorts

January 27th, 2015 | Posted in Fashion, Local by Meli

I used to be really concerned about dressing “my age.” Those days are over. I’m in my early 30′s and I plan on showing off what I have until I don’t have it anymore. I threw away all rules, and I’ve found it so liberating when it comes to fashion. Sure, I may have been tugging down on these short shorts as I walked around Wynwood, but I still consider it growth. This Cuban booty just can’t be contained in a pair of corduroy shorts and I won’t apologize for it peeking out multiple times this afternoon. You’re welcome.

ps; thanks to Megs over at The Nerdy Girlie for sparking my Wynwood photoshoot love again (although we did have to battle with a bunch of middle-aged yuppie tourists).

Sweater; Forever 21
Shorts; Forever 21
Boots; Target {similar}
Hat; Forever 21 {similar}
Sunglasses; Gap {similar}
Silver cuff; vintage
Crystal bracelets; Five Sisters {similar}

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What I Wore: Star Lord Cosplay

January 22nd, 2015 | Posted in Fashion, Geekery by Meli

Being a newbie in the cosplay world, I am still grappling with how to do things my way.

I know I can’t sew and even though I’m creative, I kind of suck with DIY most of the time if it is overly complex. This makes me have to go more  traditional routes when I want to do a cosplay (i.e., store bought). However, I’m pretty happy with how my Star Lord turned out for last weekend’s Magic City Comic Con. I had wanted to do a sexy Star Lord (or Star Lady) ever since I saw a photo of a girl rocking some booty shorts and boots.

There is always that one moment as a newb cosplayer where you are absolutely terrified your outfit will flop or you won’t be recognized, etc. However, I was pleasantly surprised with all the acknowledgements I did get, whether on social media or in person at the Con. Overall, I think it was a great outfit and I’m happy to say that I didn’t spend too much money putting it together. In fact, it was pretty affordable and all the clothing pieces are things that I will wear in my regular day to day, so I thought it would be fun to share with all of you that think cosplaying is too difficult or stressful!

Shirt; Old Navy
Shorts; Old Navy {similar}
Jacket; Forever 21
Boots; Target {similar}
Walkman; Etsy
Mask & gun; Toys R Us

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What I Wore: The Moon Tarot

January 14th, 2015 | Posted in Fashion, Geekery by Meli

During an especially trying time in my life, I turned to divination. I had always been interested being a spiritual person, and believing in the supernatural, but it was only recently that I began visiting our local “witch store.” Since then, crystals have been a staple around my neck and have really helped center me. I also just recently began to learn the art of tarot and have a trusty pendulum. I use all these tools for good and positivity. I wish no one harm, and just want to bring clarity and love to both my life and that of others that trust me with readings and what not. So clearly, I was immediately drawn to this amazing Sailor Moon tarot tee. My only wish is that they would actually sell a Sailor Moon themed tarot deck. I guess a girl could dream. ;)

Tee; Look Human
Shorts; Old Navy {similar}
Army vest; c/o Conversation Pieces {similar}
Booties; Forever 21 {similar}
Necklace; Macy’s {similar}
Sunglasses; Charming Charlie {similar}

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What I Wore: New Year, New Look

January 2nd, 2015 | Posted in Fashion, Geekery by Meli

I used to be one for new years resolutions and wishes. I would ponder on the year that passed and make goals for the next. I’m so over that. I don’t know if it has something to do with the rough year I had or just growing up, but I rather just continue living. I still love what a new year represents: a fresh start, a chance to turn things around, etc, but I feel like that could be at any point in time. Why wait until a new year? Either way, I’m looking forward to a sort of blank slate even though nothing has really changed. Well, except my hair.

Embrace the ginge. Maybe that should be my motto for 2015. Everyone knows redheads are firecrackers, so I’m going to take this year by the proverbial horns. Watch out 2015, Melificent is here and she’s going to kick your ass. But in the meantime, have you seen my Luna Cat tights?? I’d say they were pretty spectacular and clearly the only way I could ring in the new year.

Crop top; Forever 21 {similar}
Skirt; Nordstrom Rack {similar}
Tights; eBay
Booties; Forever 21
Cuff; vintage

I’m not the only one getting a makeover. Look out in the next couple months for a complete site redesign! I’m so excited to reflect the blog’s new geeky direction. Cheers, everyone!

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What I Wore: Ugly Christmas Sweater

December 29th, 2014 | Posted in Fashion, Geekery by Meli

I hope all of you had a great Christmas! The end of the year is upon us, and I am so happy to see it go. It has been a year of very high high’s and very low low’s. It often felt like I was riding a roller coaster that kept twisting, turning and dropping despite my requests to get off. But I stayed steadfast and here I am. For that, I am proud. I am trying to close this chapter of my life and start fresh in 2015, along with everyone else. This new year has a lot of promise so I am excited to see what paths it leads me down.

With that said, you can’t close out the year without rocking an ugly sweater at some point. It has become quite the trend, but surprisingly this was the first time I participated. I knew I had to find the right geeky kind of ugly, and was immediately drawn to this great Avengers one! It’s no secret I’m a Marvel girl, so I had to have it. I got a lot of compliments on social media for it, so I figured I would do a fun post featuring it and giving you all the chance to snag your own!

Sweater; Zulily {eBay}
Shorts; Old Navy {similar}
Sneakers; Forever 21 {similar}

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