Lovable Friday!

1. These sunnies from The Limited are just everything, aren’t they?? They totally scream modern Lolita to me. And at $30, they can definitely join my 15 other pairs without a problem. Hey! I live in Miami – sunglasses are a necessity, not a frivolous accessory!

2. Does this wine glass exist? Probably not. Should it? YES. I have never seen a more accurate portrayal of why one becomes a wino. Not saying that I am one or anything…I mean, it’s not like the staff at Total Wine recognize me….Just shut up, OK? I don’t have to explain myself to you.

3. By this point, I’m sure all of you are aware of the gloriously hilarious and inappropriate card game, Cards Against Humanity. It literally turns the lamest party into the best event you have ever attended – trust me. And it just got a little better thanks to whichever nameless geek over at Conventional Improv created this Doctor Who themed expansion pack. Downloaded and ready to print. Who wants to come over?

4. I am a relatively new fan to the wonder that is Fandom Cosmetics, but I just can’t get enough. It’s exactly what a fangirl with obsessive tendencies towards beauty products should never be exposed to. The worst kind of crossover. But, of course, I’m too deep in it now, especially after seeing their new range of geeky nail decals. I picked up both the Deathly Hallows set pictured above, as well as the Tardis set. I can’t wait to test them out, and will definitely post a review onto The Fangirl Diaries once I do!

5. Kate Spade, I don’t whether to kiss you or kill you sometimes. You confuse me. See. I love your products so much they make me want to cry, but I’m not really sure if I’m crying because of their sheer awesomeness or because I most probably will never be able to afford them. It’s a toss up. Either way, these shoes bring on those emotions. I invite you all to shed some tears with me. Unless you have $300 to spend on shoes, and in that case, I hate you (not really).


Sophie Theallet for The Limited

I was super happy to be able to join The Limited last night with their launch of Sophie Theallet’s new collection in stores. Ms. Theallet is bringing her elegance and luxuriousness to the brand by offering the dress you will want to be rocking this holiday season in 4 colors: black, orange, ivory (pictured below) and fuchsia. Although I arrived too late to the event to meet and pose with the designer herself, I didn’t hesitate to try on the lovely frock (while wearing the wrong underwear, of course). But the collection doesn’t stop there! It also includes fantastic accessories, such as this belt (that almost came home with me), as well as some more Winter basics like this cardigan.

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What I Wore: Mix & Match

A lot of people are scared of combining colors, but really there is no reason for it. I always get people telling me, “only you could pull something like that off,” but it’s absolutely not true! Anyone can pull off mixing and matching of colors (and patterns), you just have to do so with a discerning eye. It’s not about throwing every item in your closet on yourself at the same time (although that seemed to be a hit in the 80’s), but rather about putting together complimentary colors the right way. Case in point: two neons do not make a right. Although I am pairing two bright colors together with my tee and skirt, notice that the tee is taking center stage, being the brightest and most neon (even though it’s hard to see in some of the photos). My skirt is also vibrant, sure, but it is way more muted.

Tee; c/o Wild Doll (altered with this DIY)
Skirt; The Limited {similar}
Scarf; Primark {similar}
Leather jacket; Forever 21 {similar}
Boots; Shoe Dazzle {similar}
Arm Candy; assorted
Polish; Sinful Colors in 24/7
Necklace; Macys {similar}
Ring; Marc Jacobs

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What I Wore: Rock ‘n Roll Lifestyle

Welcome to Miami summers: humid, disgusting and bright. I’m pretty sure the morning these photos were taken, there was hail. Unless, of course, I was having some twisted nightmare. So, naturally, it was a great idea to rock the full on black rockstar look. I’m a Miami native, so I can handle it, but I’m pretty sure the hubs was ready to go on strike!

I channeled my inner Alison Mosshart (I want to be her when I grow up) and played the part of the tortured and cool rockstar. Did I pull it off?

Tank; Marshalls
Jeans; J. Brand via Plato’s Closet
Jacket: c/o Anika Burke (here)
Shoes; Shoedazzle
Spiked bracelet; c/o Anika Burke
Striped cuff; The Limited
Necklace; PetiteCo (here)
Purse; Target (here)

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What I Wore: Tangerine Tango

It was only a matter of time before I succumbed to the pantone color of the year, tangerine tango. I had seen it on, well everything, and while attending the Fashion Bloggers Event at Neiman Marcus a few weeks back, I decided I had to make it mine. Specifically in pant form. So I scoured the web trying to find an affordable pair of orange pants/jeans, only to find them at Tobi (my new guilty pleasure) for 30% off. I naturally had to have them. And I’m so glad for the impulse buy! They are so vibrant and amazing. I’m warning you all, this will be my summer staple. Sorry if I bore you.

Funny story about my super pretty, light and breezy top pictured. That night, I decided it would be awesome to cook in said fantastic and pretty top. Unfortunately, the oil I was cooking with thought it was amazing as well because it splattered all over it! I had a minor panic attack (I mess up all my new clothes, always), but after a quick hand wash, I was able to save it! Rejoice! You may also see me in this top for the entirety of summer. Anything semi-sheer and lightweight will get a lot of airplay in our 100+ degree heat. Deal with it. 😉

Blouse; The Limited
Denim; Tobi
Wedges; Go Jane
Bracelets; assorted
Watch; Kenneth Cole
Earrings; vintage
Necklace; Macys

Also, let me just apologize for my face/hair/everything in these photos. I realized it is not the best idea to snap photos right at noon. The sun was burning into my retinas and I had decided it was a really great idea to attempt cutting my own bangs. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t.

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