Zachary Quinto Talks About “The Chair,” Mentoring & Being a Jack of All Trades

August 28th, 2014 | Posted in Celebrity Gossip, TV by Meli

I was lucky enough to be able to interview Zachary Quinto earlier this week about the new Starz docu-series he will be co-producing, The Chair. It has a really interesting premise, where two first-time directors are given the opportunity to direct separate films adapted from one original screenplay. Zach serves as a mentor for both directors, Anna Martemucci and Shane Dawson.

Photo by Chiun-Kai Shih

Zach is one of my absolute favorite actors (hello, I traveled to NYC to see him on Broadway last year), so I was really excited to have this opportunity. I especially loved that he listed J.J. Abrams and Leonard Nimoy as his inspirations during the interview. Hell, I’m not in the film industry, and Abrams is one of my inspirations! He also touched on his amazing Instagram bromance with James Franco (c’mon, you know you had a hard time breathing with some of those photos, ladies). As usual, I can’t wait to support Zach yet again on this new venture.


On “The Chair,” you will be serving as mentor for the up and coming directors. After years of looking up to others and their craft, how does it feel to have the tables turned and have others seeking your advice and knowledge? 

I really love the opportunity to share the experiences that I’ve had with other people. It’s an incredibly gratifying position to be in and I want to utilize it to the fullest as I continue to grow my life and my career as an actor, a producer and film maker. Bringing people to a point that they otherwise would not have reached is something that I feel really good about – I feel really humbled by, and I’d like to continue it. I like to reach out to people that have ambition and are dreaming of a different level of experience than the one they might be having now.

With producing, Broadway, TV and movies under your belt, along with expressing the desire to direct, do you feel like you gravitate more towards one than the others?

I always consider myself an actor first and I feel like my experience reflects that. I’ve been acting since I was 10 years old and I hope that that will be the thing that I do forever, but as I continue to expand I want to inhabit that expansion. I want to diversify. The industry has changed so much that diversity is key in a way that it didn’t used to be, and I can see that. I also have an interest in cultivating a keen business mind, so I’m trying to navigate these waters from a number of different perspectives. Creativity is the foundation and the thing that I always want to come back to, but within that, I want to give myself opportunities to do other stuff and have other experiences. That’s why I started my company, that’s why I produce things and try to look at things from the business side as well, because that is also fascinating, but I would say that my gravitation is always towards acting and creating in that way.

Make sure to check out The Chair, premiering on Starz on September 6th at 11pm.
Wanna see more? Check out the trailer!

Special thanks to Gotham News for giving me this opportunity!

What I Wore: Brooklyn Hipster

September 19th, 2013 | Posted in Fashion, Personal by Meli

Day two brought us to the hipster-laden Brooklyn. We visited the Brooklyn Flea, Adam Yauch Park and some sweet neighborhood views. Being in the hipster capital of the world, I figured I had to play the part outfit-wise. I thought I did a good job until I noticed that my bright colors totally stuck out like a sore thumb. Damn Brooklyn, I’m too colorful for you.

Dress; J.Crew {similar}
Vest; c/o Conversation Pieces {similar}
Heart; c/o
Boots; Target
Hat; Forever 21

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These streets will make you feel brand new

September 12th, 2013 | Posted in Personal by Meli

I’ll be in New York City over the next few days with girlfriends for much needed me time. I’m also seeing my absolute favorite, Zachary Quinto, on Broadway! Super excited – make sure to follow me on Instagram for all our adventures.

Deck the Halls

November 29th, 2012 | Posted in Home, TV by Meli

I was so relieved to take a break from studying to be able to spend some quality time with the hubs & decorate our house for Christmas this past weekend! I feel like people jumped on the Christmas train way earlier this year – there were houses in my neighborhood decked out for the holidays well before Thanksgiving! What gives? I personally like to take holidays one at a time. What’s the rush, people?!

Have I mentioned how much I love having a faux tree? SO easy and low maintenance! The only thing I do miss is that delicious pine smell that no longer permeates my home. However, that’s nothing a little holiday Febreeze can’t take care of! ;)

Ps; although I find myself unable to sleep as soundly as I used to at night, I’m kind of in love with American Horror Story. I’m pretty sure Zachary Quinto is to blame (ohmyhawt).

Magical Moments Monday

October 17th, 2011 | Posted in Celebrity Gossip, Fashion, Music, Personal by Meli

I hope you all had a great weekend! Despite all the rain and gloom in our neck of the woods, we had a really action-packed one! Here are some of the moments that made it, and the rest of last week, so special;

x. receiving an invite to a blogger event
x. playing sloshball with good friends
x. karaoking to No Doubt
x. surprise visit by friends that led to talking for hours over fruity drinks
x. creating a new playlist on Spotify, Powerful
x. putting together my application to sit for certification – big deal
x. lunch date with old coworkers/friends
x. getting a package from Romwe with adorable accessories
x. finding the perfect affordable foundation (Revlon’s ColorStay if interested)
x. starting to pack for Europe (now 2 weeks away!!)
x. Zachary Quinto finally came out

Lots of shopping to do this week – picking up final little items for our trip, as well as Halloween costumes! I love October!