Lovable Friday!

1. DIY cardigan onesies

Oh my cute. Although there are no Melificent babies to speak of (yet), I’m going to keep this adorable DIY on file for the future. I mean, how cute are babies in hipster cardigans? I die. Now to master the art of sewing.

2. Balloon Memories

Want to make the birthday boy/girl feel special? Attach a photo for each year of the person’s life on to the end of a balloon string and scatter them around the party area. Not only will it make everyone smile, but it will also provide the chance to tell some pretty hilarious childhood stories.

3. Horcrux Tank

OK, I know I feature things I love every Friday but this? This I NEED! How amazing is this Harry Potter tank featuring all the horcruxes?? If you do not realize why there are so many punctuation marks and capitalized words while describing it, I don’t think we can be friends.

4. Bold Wedges

Shoes: my weakness. And these? Are wonderful. They are so vibrant and gorgeous! Although you may think give off more of a Spring time vibe, I beg to differ. They would look great with a loose fitting sweater and some leggings for a perfect Fall look with a little pop!

5. Sparkle Vases

I love anything sparkly and glittery – I might as well be a goldfish. So when I saw this DIY, I knew I had to add it to my “must do” list. Best part is that it requires no thought at all. Just add some loose sequins (that you probably have laying around from other DIY projects if you are anything like me) to your vase full of water and voila! Instant sparkle for your home florals. I’m in love.