How Was Your Weekend?

Mine was eventful. And not in the way I would have liked. My hubby went away on a friends trip to New York City (I hate how studying continually gets in the way of me enjoying life – ugh), and I had big plans. Mainly involving studying and getting some items checked off my to-do list. Unfortunately, the universe had another idea.

I ended up fracturing my foot after playing with my dog (you notice that there are never good reasons for injuries?) late night Friday, and had to be put in a cast and crutches, which are not coming off for another month. It was very exciting. But since I always try to focus on the positive, here were some highlights;

We got a new chevron rug for our living room from Urban Outfitters on mega sale! I love it so much & it gives our space some new personality. Gwen also approves of it and told me she can’t wait to pee on it in the very near future (her new favorite past time). // The series finale of Fringe was amazing, was it not? I’m glad I watched it alone because I was sobbing like a fool. Favorite moment? You are my favorite thing. Heart strings = pulled.

My big, swollen foot unable to fit in my flippy floppies and killing my Miami Winter outfit. // Colorblocking manicure with Essie’s Cute As A Button & Pansy to brighten my limpy status.

Little things make me happier than brand new agendas. I’m still a dinosaur & don’t believe in using my phone to manage my schedule – I think it’s due to my paper goods obsession. // Speaking of paper goods, I found a great website where you can get really adorable drawer liners. I ordered a sample for our kitchen drawers & I absolutely love it!

My busted up foot in its cast. Basically what my life will look like for the next month.
2013, be better please.

  • angela luisa

    Oh no, Mel! That sucks! Glad you still found some positives though. Did you drive yourself to the doc?

  • Anonymous

    I did and drove myself back casted. The doctor was not pleased lol.

  • Elsie

    I totally started crying like a fool when Walter said that….it killed me. I thought it ended perfectly. My heart broke when Peter opened the cala. It was all just… perfect. I’m so glad it was a good finale to such a crazy series and even more happy with Olivia’s ending. I was always destroyed with season finales with her.

  • Anonymous

    Oh god, so did I. It was wonderful 🙂

  • Oh no!! Feel better, Meli! My husband broke his ankle a few years ago and it SUCKED. I can imagine how you are feeling right now. 🙁 I hope your month of being casted goes by fast.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Karen. Although it’s giving me more study time now, in a few days I’m sure the crazy cabin fever will kick in. Hoping I can entertain myself with some Pinterest crafts or something! LOL