Lovable Friday

1. Although my eyes immediately fixate on hot heels, the reality of the matter is that I wear flats the most. I work with kids all day, every day and when I have time to relax, half of the time I don’t feel like fighting with a pair of uncomfortable stilettos. That’s why I’m trying to train my brain to become enamored with cute flats just as much. These are definitely a good place to start. They are adorable, look comfy and adhere to my “put a bow on it” mantra. Sold.

2. Thanks to the launch (& soon to be finale – sniff) of Sherlock’s series 3, I’m having a hard time focusing on anything else. Cue adorable Sherlock print from this Australian seller and I can’t handle myself. The feels are serious OK?!?!

3. As if I needed another excuse to grow my nail polish collection, Gwen Stefani goes ahead and partners with OPI. I obviously need every single one, but if I was made to pick only one shade, I would go with Hey Baby. But let’s be real. When do I ever just choose one? Intervention imminent.

4. I don’t know why I continue to expose myself to new and potentially wallet-ruining sites. Me & Zena is one of those. They have amazingly fun and unique jewelry pieces that not only call to me, but basically scream my name repeatedly. This unicorn necklace currently has me on speed dial.

5. I know it may be overkill at this point, but I love me a good chevron print. Leave it to Dwell Studio to cook up such a great looking coffee table in it. The price is definitely not right, but I am definitely enjoying it from afar.

Lovable Friday!

1: Chalkboard polish; How on Earth could I not know about Ciate’s chalkboard paint polish??? Sephora states it’s a new item, so maybe I’m not that far behind the trend. I love that the set comes with its own nail pens to help you create your own unique patterns. Although school is over, this would make a great end of year gift for teachers, or just a gift for that special instructor in your life.

2: Colorful napkins; With all those summer parties in your very near future, you are going to need some sunshine-worthy kitchen accessories. In comes these gorgeous Anthropologie napkins in bold and fun colors and patterns. Serving, wiping and folding have never been more fun.

3: Confetti number cake topper; I’m a big fan of DIY cake toppers – it just adds that special something to birthdays, weddings, showers, etc. And this sweet little tutorial looks just perfect and seemingly easy. Definite birthday project!

4: High-waisted chevron swimsuit; Another adorable swimsuit with no original link. What gives, people? But seriously, this high-waisted chevron bikini is so perfect! I can imagine pairing it with a large, floppy hat, an ice cold piƱa colada and a relaxed state of mind {similar found here}.

5: Heart bowls; Talking about cute kitchen accessories – check this sweet bowl set out! I don’t know about you, but serving a nice healthy breakfast in one of these guys would make me way more apt to eat it. Just an idea, dieters.

What I Wore: Stitch Fix

I love surprises. I think that’s why a service like Stitch Fix was so appealing. You fill out some basic information on their site, get assigned a stylist and you are sent a surprise package based on what you shared/requested. Although they weren’t always spot on, I just recently updated my profile and shared some additional information like my number one style icon (Zooey Deschanel, if you were wondering) and my fashion Pinterest board. I hoped this would help with the selections for my next fix, and it did! This dress was one of 5 great items I received (I’m sure you’ll see the others soon enough), and I fell in love! Although I am rocking a cast, I don’t think it’s an excuse to look a mess. Sure, I may have looked silly hobbling around in this cute little frock but at least I was doing it style. One thing I’m missing? Heels.


Dress; Dorianne via Stitch Fix {similar}
Sandals; Gap {similar}
Arm candy; misc. Ebay sellers
Necklace; gifted
Ring; Marc Jacobs