My Geeky Valentine

I know a lot of you tout Valentine’s Day as a commercialized and ridiculous holiday. When I was single, I hated it. When I was in relationships, I hated it. It’s only now, as an old lady fart that I have grown to appreciate this holiday about love. Because it’s all around us, people. It doesn’t have to be romantic love – just a day to appreciate all the love surrounding you. Because trust me, every single one of us is circled by amazing people and animals that love us as much as we do them. So take the time out to step back and give thanks to the universe for that because it’s pretty special.

And aside from that, you get to wear pink! And hearts! The 14th really could be worse, amirite?┬áHere’s my round up of pretty amazing geek-centric Valentine’s goodies;


Moon of my life tank | Galentine’s Day card | Fictional character brooch
Parks & Rec wall hanging | Pixel heart clutch
Spooky Mulder pin | Star Wars pillowcases | Harry Potter brooch boyfriend

Life with Luna: There’s Still Good in the World

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I fell in love with a certain shop on Etsy, Strangeways Studios. I’ve featured them several times on this blog for their adorable fandom baby onesies. I got Luna’s Christmas day onesie from them, and they sent me a few more onesies and goodies without me asking. So sweet! I’ve featured some of those as well if you remember. A few weeks pass, and they tell me they’ve sent me a little surprise that was inspired by my little Lulu bug. When I received the package, my eyes swelled with tears.

They had designed a onesie that will be sold in their store with the opening lyrics to Luna, the Smashing Pumpkins song I named my daughter after! We had discussed the reason behind the name in a conversation beforehand, and I was so happy that owner recognized the song, as not many people do. It was so absolutely touching. In fact, once Luna grows out of it, I’m pretty sure I’m going to shadowbox it.

I guess the reason I decided to share this story is because so many terrible and heartbreaking things are happening in the world on an everyday basis. Sometimes it’s pretty easy to let that black cloud consume you. However, every now and then, a little light shines through that dark cloud that changes your mind completely. There are still good people in this world, and to quote American Beauty, sometimes there is so much beauty in the world, I feel like I can’t take it.

So thank you, Strangeways Studios, for being that bright little sunbeam that forced its way from out of the clouds and into my life.

Nerdy Must Haves


Bowie Potter tee; I will always remember dancing feverishly in my 20’s to Bowie at our favorite rock club. All hair swishing, hip swaying, drink spilling…it represents my carefree youth. I will always remember first reading Potter after fervently saying I never would. The relationships formed with these fictitious characters in a magical world also represent and parallel my own “coming of age.” Both these things together? All the feels! This tee must be mine. SIRIUSLY.

Edit; this post was written before the passing of David Bowie. My heart breaks.

Blogger tee; I’m identifying myself more and more as a blogger. Of course, I still say I’m a behavior analyst when asked what I do, but I am now starting to add, “…and blogger” to the end of that sentence. And it feels good, even if people scoff or laugh when I say what my blog is about. I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing with my life – how many people can say the same? That’s why I’m gunning for this blogger tee to further say it loud and proud – plus, it’s adorable, no??

Jordan sweater; the amount of strange noises that emanated from my being when I saw the beautiful Keiko Lynn post this to her Instagram was intense. In middle school, I was beyond obsessed with My So-Called Life (& I still am). I even wrote a letter to ABC about how they shouldn’t cancel it – obviously it wasn’t very effective. But I digress. Jordan Catalano was every tween’s unicorn, and who doesn’t remember that amazing episode that opens with Angela dancing in her bedroom to “Blister in the Sun” on the morning she realizes she is totally over Jordan Catalano. Basically, NEED THIS NOW.

Luna Lovegood skirt; although my little Luna is not specifically named after Lovegood, she is my favorite character in the series (aside from hot, dragon-taming Bill Weasley). I’d love for my Luna to possess a lot of Lovegood’s qualities, but until she’s old enough to start developing them, I can wear all the things that make her great with this perfect skirt.

In summary, give me all the things.
Please + thank you.

Nerdy Must Haves


Today’s Nerdy Must Haves are all fashion-centric! I’m having a case of wanting what I can’t have. Since I’m currently on a hardcore weight loss regime (low carb diet, exercising daily), it’s silly for me to think about buying clothes because I don’t know where I’ll be on the scale in a week, much less a month (I was able to lose 2lbs in my first week back at it!), but I still must HAVE ALL THE THINGS. You know how it is. #girlygeekproblems

X-Files dress; Confession time. I’ve never watched The X-Files. Go ahead. Stone me. I remember being really scared by the premise (I am terrified of aliens) so I refused to watch. Funny enough, I watched the movie and loved it. Even funnier enough, I adored Fringe and list it as my top 5 shows ever, and it is heavily influenced by The X-Files. Go figure. Regardless, I love this X-Files inspired dress and feel the need to have it even though I’m not a fan. I realize how ridiculous that is though, but it speaks volumes for the cut and design of it!

Brunch tank; Although this isn’t necessarily “geeky,” being a Geek Girl Brunch officer, I find ways to tie in brunch and mimosas to geekery. I’ve always loved brunch, but now it seems like the entire world has hopped on board. Honestly, what’s not to love – especially if you can find a spot with bottomless mimosas or free ones. ;)

Maleficent earrings; I’m always down to show my blog’s namesake a little love when it comes to my fashion choices, so I am completely in love with these earrings. They are just the right amount of understated that I gravitate towards. You could pair these just as easily with a work outfit as with one you’d wear to a Con, so they are the ultimate versatile geeky accessory. Sold!

TARDIS galaxy dress; As you can tell, I love a good Peter Pan collar (damn you, Clara Oswald). When I saw that Hot Topic had introduced a Doctor Who fashion collection, I immediately had to check it out. This dress immediately stood out to me as completely adorable and unique (who else is sick of that Her Universe TARDIS dress?), so I whispered “treat yo self” to myself as I added it to my cart. I also checked size small because it’s good to have goals, amirite??

Life with Luna: Pawnee Goddess


Luna is growing by the minute, which is making it really fun to dress her. She is finally filling in and fitting into more of her quirky, stylish outfits and although she still can’t leave the house or have visitors, it doesn’t stop me from dressing her up for just the two of us. That’s what cooped up fashion bloggers find themselves doing to pass the time. ;)


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