Best Shops for Disney Outfits

Now that we are headed to Disney more often and getting immersed in that culture (Luna is full blown obsessed with Mickey), it’s been really fun trying to find unique and awesome outfits for our trips to the parks. I get asked a lot where I have found some of the things either Luna or myself wear, so I figured I would compile a little list of my favorite stores with you all!



I think this is the first shop I stumbled upon that sold “hip” Disney wears. I fell in love with their very 90’s grunge flannels with famous Disney character quotes on the back, and have since seen the design being ripped off in larger chains (*cough* Hot Topic *cough*).


Lost Bros Trading Co

I didn’t discover this shop until the week before we left for Disney, and I was so bummed. Their styles are so incredible! I also smiled a whole lot whenever I saw one of them walk by me at the Magic Kingdom – and boy were there a lot! My personal favorite is the Ariel tee because it includes two of my favorite things: The Little Mermaid and champagne!

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Welcome to Wonderland: Decal How To

I grew up very much a Disney kid. When asked if I wanted the traditional “quinces” party, I asked if I could take a couple of friends to Disney for the weekend instead. I watched Aladdin and The Lion King about 5 times each in the theater. I dreamed of being Ariel…well, I still dream of being Ariel. You get the point.

Somewhere along the way, I no longer followed Disney and stopped visiting the parks. I think it mainly had to do with Islands of Adventure opening at Universal and being drawn to a more “adult driven” park. The second Wizarding World opened, it was all over. I never went to Disney. But, when I had little Luna, things changed. I remembered my happy Disney memories from when I was a kid and I wanted her to have the same. Say what you will about princess culture, because all it taught me was to never stop dreaming and to never give up on those dreams.

That’s why I’m so happy that little Luna is a brand representative for Welcome to Wonderland! It’s a great small local shop that caters to all us Disney loving mamas and kids. One of my favorite products are their decals. I like them because you feel like you are in part a maker yourself. Sure, the shop made the decal, but there is still an element of DIY there, and that makes my little heart happy. I thought I would share with you all how easy it is to use these decals to make your own Disney-ready outfits!


I started with some easy to find plain white Gerber tees on Amazon. I ironed them first so that they were nice and flat: perfect to apply the decal. When they were cool to the touch, I put the decal’s sticky side down on the tee and the parchment paper it came in over the decal.

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Life with Luna: Brave Girl Boutique


In my continued search for awesome geeky baby threads, I often stumble on cute onesies, but it is so difficult to find nicer geeky items. When I visited Megacon Tampa Bay last month, I was completely floored to find exactly what I had been searching for. Brave Girl Boutique offers fandom-inspired dresses, skirts and accessories that are one of a kind, and I instantly fell in love. I purchased both a peasant-style dress and tank dress that were Doctor Who-inspired (of course), and I loved chatting with owner, Jesse. Her peasant style dresses are meant to be worn off-the-shoulder, but Luna had different plans. What I love the most is that she can grow into this style. As Jesse mentioned, as she gets older, the dress can be worn as a tunic top, so it is a special piece that will be part of her wardrobe for a long time.



I can’t wait to continue shopping from this boutique and build Luna a fiercely feminine fandom wardrobe (say that 5 times quick!). With the holidays approaching, definitely check out Brave Girl Boutique for all the petite geeky ones in your life!

Headband; Cat + Jack for Target
Sneakers; Payless
Monster Flats; Baby Gap {no longer available}


Disclosure; This post was not in collaboration with Brave Girl Boutique. I simply love their products and wanted to share with you all (I mean, can you blame me?).

Life with Luna: Hot Dog!


Before we headed off to Disney to celebrate Luna’s big first birthday, we had a very small party at our place with close family and friends. Although Luna got a little overwhelmed with all the faces and ruckus, it was a good time. Funny to say that she handled the trip to Disney way better stimulation-wise, but it’s true! I think it is different when new people invade your own space.


Since we were going on this big trip, we decided to keep the theme with Disney and made it a Mickey + Minnie party. Again, the whole point was not to shell out a bunch of cash for a party, but rather for a trip that we could all enjoy, so I kept things minimal. Sure, you may think this isn’t very minimal, but for a party planning obsessed nut, I assure you it is. Almost all the details were DIY’ed by yours truly, including the favor bags, mason jar vases, and glitter one. However, some of my favorite decor were the prints I got from ChatBooks. They now not only offer photo books, but also these beautiful prints. You get to choose which 5 you would like printed from each of your albums. I totally love them, and strung them off the large “ONE” balloon, as well as scattered them on the table. Now that the party is over, I have no idea what to do with them, so any ideas would be great! They are so beautiful and such amazing reminders of how much she has grown up already and all the moments we have shared.

Thank you so much to everyone for your feedback on my last very heartfelt and emotional post. These little ones really know how to do a number on your feels.


**This post was not sponsored by Chatbooks at all, I just love the service and wanted to share it with all of you.


Nerdy Must Haves



Eat the Rude patch; this one is for all those Fannibals out there. One of the greatest lines ever, “eat the rude,” has become the take away quote for Hannibal fans. I think this patch would make the perfect addition to your fandom vest/jacket. If you are like me, and are putting together fandom-specific vests/jackets (currently working on my Sailor Moon one), then I suggest getting your hands on more affordable ones through AliExpress. Don’t say I never hooked you up, ladies! 😉

Potter Baby Bandana; something that really saved our lives and baby Luna’s style when she was suffering from severe acid reflux was baby bandanas. Rather than having her in an ugly and bulky bib when we would go out on the town, we would put one of these cute bandanas on and it would catch all the spit up, while not impeding on fashion (because duh, Luna has to keep up her reputation). This Potter ugly sweater one is so perfect for the upcoming holiday season. I’m not the only one swooning over it either, because it is currently sold out. Make sure to let PetiteGeekChic know you want more!

Kylo Ren print; all hail Nan Lawson! She has been one of my favorite artists for awhile now, and her work can be found scattered all over my house (most recently in Luna’s nursery), but she has been churning out some quality fandom prints lately. I featured her Kylo Ren, but she has a complimentary Rey (wouldn’t they look great facing each other???), an amazing Eleven, and this touching Snape print.

Stranger Things pin; if you are like me (and everyone who ingests pop culture like it’s air), you are a fan of Netflix’s Stranger Things. It’s everything that is good with the world, and makes my little 80’s heart happy. I am thrilled to see so many artists making swag to honor it, and I cannot wait to add this sweet Hopper pin to my collection.