It’s Bigger On the Inside: Doctor Who Inspired Finds

August 18th, 2014 | Posted in Fashion, Geekery, Home by Meli

This picture gives me so many feels.

Guys. It’s Doctor Who week!!!! That’s right, this weekend, we are introduced to our 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi. I’m going to make a quick confession: I saw the leaked first episode (I know, I know) and he’s amazing. You will laugh…and yes, you will cry. I think I’m going to like this new direction and I hope all of you do too! In honor of the series coming back, I have compiled some of my favorite Doctor Who inspired finds. Allons-y!

Top Row; I Believe Poster (x), Tardis Bathing Suit (x), Dalek Lapel Pins (x) | Middle Row; Photobooth Props (x), Date Time Lords Tee (x), Nan Lawson Print (x) | Bottom Row; Tardis Pillow (x), Time Lord Necklace (x), Doctor Who Sticker Set (x)

Added bonus; Check out this adorable Doctor Who themed wedding shoot! Can I get married again???

Fandom Leggings

June 12th, 2014 | Posted in Fashion, Geekery by Meli

Leggings. I immediately think of Daria’s obnoxious sister, Quinn.
You just heard her voice in your head, didn’t you?

I had been on the fence about leggings for quite some time. Probably because I see people mistaking them for PANTS. Pants they are not, my friends. They are meant to be worn with an over-sized tunic top or any top that at least covers your crotch and the majority of your backside. If not, I (and everyone else) sees more than they signed up for at any given moment (especially when you bend over – yikes).

With that said, when worn appropriately, I have grown to love them. They are comfy and easy to wear, plus the fandom world has taken to creating all sorts of character and story driven leggings. This means more room in your luggage when packing for conventions, as you can just roll them up into a tiny little log of goodness. However, their price tag has always made me think twice. They usually run between $60-100 and I just couldn’t justify paying that for a pair of leggings I would just wear to specialty events.

But low and behold! I have discovered this fantastic Etsy shop that I have decided to share with all of you, velvetcoc. Unfortunate name aside, they sell amazing fandom leggings for $18 and are currently holding a 2-4-1 sale!!! The seller is located in China, so you will have to wait for your goodies with bated breath, but honestly, it only took 2 weeks for my pair to arrive. Not too shabby! Want to know what I’m picking up next? See my favorites below:

I’m crossing all body parts that she’ll add Doctor Who inspired leggings next!

Geeky Must-Haves

May 28th, 2014 | Posted in Fashion, Geekery by Meli

Ever since submerging myself much deeper in the geeky world by starting The Fangirl Diaries, I have been introduced to a whole new world of temptations. I am beside myself with excitement. My wallet? Yeah, not so much. It doesn’t help that I have three very geeky events coming up: Star Wars Weekend, Florida SuperCon & SDCC. All give me ample “reasons” to stock up on everything geek chic. These are my current wants needs:

The Doctor Brooch ($12); Universe Crack Necklace ($55); Moon Crisis mini ($30); Mickey Ears Heart Brooch ($5.25); Tardis Crop Top (no longer available b/c I bought it – oops!)

How do the rest of you geeky ladies control the fandom trigger finger?

Lovable Friday: Geeky Roundup

April 4th, 2014 | Posted in Fashion, Geekery by Meli

Everyone knows I love me some geeky goodness (have you loved The Fangirl Diaries yet?), but I like my geek to be sprinkled with chic, and that, my good friends, is a rarity. So I figured this Friday I would bestow you all with some of my finds that have that exact combination.

1. Sherlock brooch; there is just not enough quality Sherlock accessories floating around, so when I saw this amazingly stylized brooch, I had to have it. And don’t stop there, Kate has the cutest laser cut items in her store. One of each please.

2. Game of Thrones bow ties; now that the hubs has gotten in touch with his inner Matt Smith, he is all about the bow ties. I have since learned how difficult it is to find a good one, and this one actually got the mister to smile. It may be due to the amazing house sigils emblazoned on them though.

3. Tardis temporary tattoo; I can’t lie. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a Doctor Who tattoo, but that is a big fandom decision right there. In the meantime, I can test the waters (of mars – har har) with these adorable temporary tattoos from Geek Ink Designs. Find more fandoms too – from Potter to Star Wars!

4. Potter ring; unlike what I mentioned about Sherlock, the Internets are flooded with amazing (& not so amazing) Potter accessories. It can be difficult to sift through everything out there, so it’s nice to find one store with so much to choose from. I adore this shop‘s little knick knacks (special shout out to the Luna Lovegood ring) fandom-related or not, but I must say it’s hard to deny all those glasses, bolts & hallows!

5. The Hobbit tee; I appreciate good typography almost as much as a great fandom, so the tees over at UnicornEmpirePrints really satisfy me on so many levels. They are so gorgeously made, made by fans and such a great price ($18 a pop)! Definitely grabbing one (or 5) for our romp in Comic Con this year!

Lovable Friday!

February 7th, 2014 | Posted in Fashion, Home by Meli

Without noticing, this week’s Lovable Friday is so dainty and feminine!

1. Banner necklaces; Someone pry me away from the Etsy. It seems like the site just multiplies amazing stores overnight and I just can’t handle it. Case in point: this whimsical little shop. I just adore banner motifs, so to have it in necklace form makes my heart very very happy. Add the affirmative sayings and I’m sold.

2. Popsicle wallet; a little angry this adorable Kate Spade wallet is no longer available through her site, but I will prevail (eBay is my friend)! Living in Miami, it’s technically already summer time with temperatures hitting the 80′s during the day (sorry northerners), so this little pretty would make the perfect seasonal pop for any outfit.

3. Saturn necklace; this sweet little galactic necklace is so perfect! Although it seems to have been bought already, check out the rest of the beautiful little pieces in the Etsy shop. I love that in addition to space-themed accessories, she carries a bunch of fandom items – especially loving all the Game of Thrones ones!

4. Scalloped mirror; we are in the process of redecorating our home (post on our hip new bedroom coming soon), and I’m not gonna lie. I NEED this mirror in my life. Where will it go? I have no idea, but I’ll make it work and I will love it forever. A little dramatic? I don’t think so. ::patiently waits for sale::

5. Dottie booties; these boots are so amazing they are labeled as art. ART, people. If you ever run into the millions these boots probably run for, think of your dear friend, Meli, and how much she loves these babies, mmkay?