5 Fandom Friday: Characters With My Favorite Fictional Fashion

Fandom Friday

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This week’s prompt could not be more appropriate! I was so excited to see another fashion-themed topic, although this one proved to be a tough one! I adore so many characters’ sense of style so it was difficult to narrow down, but here are my top 5!


1. Jess {New Girl}; although I’m no longer a fan of the show (it just got old), I am obsessed with Jess’ wardrobe. I think it has something to do with the fact that Zoey Descahnel just decided to dress like herself because her every day wardrobe basically looks exactly the same. She’s one of my fashion icons, so…yeah, total no brainer.

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The Age of Adaline {Fashion Through the Ages} & GIVEAWAY!


I’m sure all of you have seen the trailer for the new Blake Lively flick, The Age of Adaline. The film revolves around a woman that somehow was able to remain 29 years old for almost 8 decades. She manages to keep this a secret until she falls in love. The rest can get a little dicey. Naturally, a film spanning 8 decades is going to focus on fashion and The Age of Adaline does just that.

I thought it would be fun to show you all how you too can fool people into thinking you are ageless with your fashion – all it takes is incorporating a few key pieces from different decades into your modern wardrobe. Check it out!

I tend to gravitate towards 60’s and 70’s styles. I love the more flared silhouettes and free flowing fabrics. Not to mention all the fun hair accessories! With that said, it’s easy to incorporate these looks into a modern outfit. I personally think this would make a great music festival outfit (think SunFest, South Florida locals…). Pair a basic crop top with a pair of extreme flare jeans, add a fun flower headpiece and your most comfortable pair of sandals and boom! You got a retro modern look that would make anyone flash the peace sign your way.

Levis Jeans | Crop Top | Sandals | Hairpiece

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Giveaway: Lily Dawson Bracelet!

Remember my awesome necklace from yesterday’s post? Well, today you can enter to win your own Lily Dawson original! Up for grabs is a quad link bracelet (original retail $30) that is oh so cool & amazing – what I love about it the most is that it will literally go with everything and give that so-so outfit a little extra edge.

All you have to do is follow the instructions below. The only mandatory steps are to follow both myself and Lily Dawson Designs on Facebook. Pretty easy right? The only tough part will be waiting until the contest closes a week from today, April 16th (Tuesday), to find out who is the lucky winner!

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Good luck everyone!

{Hunger Games Week}: Jennifer Lawrence’s Mockingjay Style

Yes, I know I am kind of behind on all the Hunger Games premiere fashion, but I just had to touch on the fact that I love that Jennifer Lawrence has been subtly paying tribute to her character, Katniss, in her gown choices. Would you not agree? Her two separate gold frocks made me immediately think of the now infamous mockingjay pin she wears in the games, her back-baring Tom Ford reminded me of the flame suits and/or the moment Katniss embraces being the mockingjay and finally, the absolutely stunning Marchesa worn in Berlin just screamed girl on fire.

More importantly, which was your favorite?
I personally think Jennifer rocked it out in every look, but my personal favorite was her glimmery gold Prabal Gurung complete with sexy cut outs and dramatic train. When I saw her, I literally gasped. Girl knows how to work a red carpet!

For more Hunger Games fashion, check out the newest fashion blogger duo on the block, Prissy Bitches.


*the rest of this week will be all Hunger Games, all the time leading up to the mega-watt premiere this weekend!

{Trend Swap}: NEON!

I’ve been inspired by some great blog swaps lately and wanted to host one of my own. I initially thought nail polishes since it is such an obsession hobby of mine, and I know a lot of you feel the same, but then I remembered that you cannot ship nail polish (I unfortunately learned the hard way). I continued to brainstorm and while shopping for sweet new accessories, it hit me!

Why don’t I pair up with the lovely Fashionable ESQ and offer a quarterly accessory swap based on a trend of our choosing? Everyone knows trends change like the tides in fashion, and one way to look the part without spending copious amounts of cash is to add those little pops to your wardrobe in the form of necklaces, headbands, lipstick, belts, etc. Think of it as a blogger not-so-secret Santa of sorts!

Photo credit; Keiko Lynn

With that said, this quarter’s swap will be NEON!
You can purchase any accessory you wish for your blogger partner, as long as it is bright, loud & fun, and of course, matches their personal style (see below). Also, I will not set a spending limit, but stress that this does not have to be anything exorbitant. Remember, the whole point of these swaps is to stay fashionable with details that will not break the bank.


What I need to know from those interested in participating are the following things;
1. A way to contact you (email, blog link)
2. Three adjectives describing your personal style -or-
3. A link to an outfit post (doesn’t necessarily have to be your own) that you think is the best representation of your style


I will close the window to participate at the end of the week (1/22/12) and at that point, I will pair us all up!

One final “rule;”
Once you receive your item, make sure to style it on your blog and share the link to this post. That way, next time we can get an even larger pool of participants to join in on the fun!