Nerdy Must Haves

Hey Guys!

I survived Hurricane Irma with minimal damage (thank God!), but I still do not have Internet access, or in turn, TV. That means I can’t blog as regularly as I used to and have to travel to a local Starbucks to do so (that goes for work too). I’m also very behind on all things pop culture. But we are safe and no other storms look to be threatening us (peace out, Maria!), so all is good. There are a lot of fun things coming up in the next few months, so I’m excited to be able to share them all with you.

For now, enjoy all the things I have been coveting, but having to refrain from purchasing in lieu of hurricane supplies.


  1. Wizardry + Witchcraft palette; I am more than fully aware that I am behind on the Storybook Cosmetics trend, but I wasn’t sure if their makeup was just a collector’s piece or if they were actually wearable. After watching several reviews on YouTube, I can say that I am beyond impressed with this palette. It’s beautifully pigmented and perfect for the fall. Way to go, triplets!
  2. Weird Mom Club tee; I haven’t gotten excited about a brand in a long time the way I am about the Weird Mom Club. Nicole has perfectly captured what it is like to not be the run of the mill mother in a sea of normality. I often feel like an outcast with my tattoos and general style whenever at a parenting event, but this little shop has made me realize I am not alone. I’m currently obsessed with getting this ringer tee. Are you a weird mom too? Check out Nicole’s awesome products!
  3. Rainbow dress; I’m always on a constant hunt for adorable clothes. Lately, I don’t get much of a chance to wear anything cute (I lament about this often on my IG stories), thus the lack of outfit posts on the blog, but it doesn’t stop me from scouring the net for them. This dress immediately caught my eye as it looks comfy enough to work with my mommy lifestyle, especially paired with a cute pair of sneakers or espadrilles. Score!
  4. Avada Kedavra Satchel; If something was ever on brand, this little satchel sure is! I became completely obsessed with it after seeing CritiqueGeek sporting it on her IG. It also has a matching wallet because BoxLunch clearly hates me and wants all my money. It would be absolutely perfect for my wizarding anniversary trip in November and has instantly flown to the top of my wish list.


Nerdy Must Haves

  1. Ron Swanson Dress; OK, it is no secret that I adore Ron Swanson. He reminds me of my dad, and is my spirit animal. If you know me personally, you know all our eery similarities. One of them is breakfast food, namely, bacon and eggs, so this dress is absolutely everything. Have I mentioned that my birthday is this month? Just sayin’.
  2. LulaRoe Disney Collection; By now you guys know about my love/hate with LulaRoe. I adore how soft and comfy and perfectly fitting their products are, but I tend to hate their patterns. I think someone once described them as looking like really bad 70’s window treatments or couch upholstery and I could not say otherwise. Eighty five percent of their patterns do. But they just recently came out with their Disney collection and I am so so so hooked. Like, just give me all the Disney stuff and walk away unscathed. I’ve managed to snatch up a pair of leggings and a Cassie skirt already. I’m currently hunting down a Carly, so if you can hook up a sista’, let me know.
  3. Gryffindor Kimono; Yeah, yeah. I know that Black Milk came out with a HP line. I know. I tried to buy a piece but it was already sold out because craziness, amirite? So I look elsewhere for awesome potter threads. I adore kimonos (they are so working girl chic), and Hot Topic now has one for each house, so I mean….need I say more? Oh yeah, I do. They are currently one sale. The end.
  4. My Doctor pin; You wanna touch my fangirl feels? Immediately mention my Doctor! For those that are not familiar with the fandom, it may sound strange, but Doctor Who is such a humanistic and emotional series. They say you never forget your first doctor…but what if I resonated more with my 2nd? I have to say that the 9th was my first, but it was such a cheesy season. It was really hard to soldier through, but a couple of seasons into the 10th, I was sold (even with the killer Christmas trees). These pins are fantastic (no pun intended) and I can’t wait to snag one!

Nerdy Must Haves


1. Fandom Notebooks; I adore writing in notebooks and journals. I have so many of them, I can’t even keep track of them. Seriously, I find them whenever I decide to tidy things up in random rooms of my house. Most of the time, unused. And I keep buying more. Someone please tell me I’m not alone. Since I’m not going to stop collecting them any time soon, these beautiful Doctor Who ones would have been great, but unfortunately, the store is on a permanent hiatus. Whimper. Lets admire from afar, shall we?

2. Deathly Hallows cap; I am so obsessed with baseball caps lately. I think they make the perfect addition to a summer outfit, and a great way to add fandom to any outfit. This hallows cap is absolutely everything, and since it’s black…it goes with everything too. Win/win.

3. Minnie donut; Little known fact: I craved donuts a whole lot towards the end of my pregnancy. Since I’m gluten intolerant, I knew it wasn’t going to happen, but now that I am not pregnant, I have cheated here and there for the right one. If this Minnie donut actually existed, it would be worth the cheat by far. For now, I’ll settle on wearing it on my lapel.

4. Sanrio duffel; There is a piece of me that thinks this needs to be my carry on for SDCC. I don’t care how ridiculous or loud it is (I mean, when have I ever), or the high probability that it can probably hold less than half of a regular carry on. It is a total compulsive and irrational buy and it’s totally going to happen. At least I’m honest.

Nerdy Must Haves


1; Armor-Inspired Leggings; it is no secret that I love bad ass women, and would like to be a bad ass woman, and am hopeful I may already be on my way. For those of us that need some extra reinforcement, these armor-inspired leggings from Lorica Clothing will do the trick. You will look like a warrior princess even when you are walking the dogs, cleaning up baby vomit or taking out the trash. Speaking of trash, these leggings are made in the USA derived from recycled plastic bottles. I mean…can this clothing line be any cooler? Check out their Kickstarter and support their amazing business venture!
2. Always enamel pin; sure, there are a lot of enamel pins out there, but I can’t stop…won’t stop. I’m building an epic “fandom jacket” that will be completed and showcased to the world at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, and I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect pins to add to it. I love an understated pin, and that what this beautiful always lightning bolt pin is. It’s simple and gets to the Potterhead point.
3. Undeaddee; commission portraits are something that most bloggers and fangirls are savvy to. We love a good illustrated portrait for our various avatars and headers by talented artists. However, there is just something about Dee’s gorgeous and whimsical art. She joined Geek Girl Brunch South Florida, added me on Instagram and I have gone to admire her from afar for some bit. In fact, til this day, we have still not met (can that change soon Dee?). Regardless, check out her beautiful artwork, and request a commission if your little heart so desires. All my online avatars are the one she made of me, I gifted my husband with a portrait of our little family for Valentine’s, I just commissioned her for a full body Luna piece and I am begging her to do more, more and more. The lovely image used is of the adorable Nabila and her portrait.
4. The Little Mermaid kimono; kimonos are all the fandom rage these days, and I’m very much OK with that. Living in Miami, a lightweight and sheer coverup that works for the office and socializing is absolutely perfect for our brutally hot weather. I am even attempting to learn how to make them myself now that I have taken up sewing as a hobby (seriously, do I think I have time to spare or something?). Anywaysssss, I adore this Little Mermaid design from Hot Topic, and need to make it mine. On an aside, have you guys seen the trailer for the live-action Hans Christian Andersen version? I HATE IT. I would have much preferred a Disney rendition.

What I Wore: Wizarding goes Retro


I love all the fashions that are emerging from fandom culture. I especially love the fashion lines that are inspired by geeky films, like Fantastic Beasts! Although Hot Topic has released a few great lines, I fell in love with this adorable retro number from I wanted to put together a throwback look to complement the frock, and also hide my mom hair, so bandana wrap it was! I paired it with my favorite cat eye nude sunnies and my new must have lippie stick from Colourpop. I’d love to tell you that I wore this to the beach or to have mid-day cocktails, but here I am just enjoying my backyard on a beautiful day. Mom life, amirite?

It’s only gotten more and more difficult to wriggle in self care these days, but I am trying my absolute best to slap on some makeup and a cute outfit at least once a week. But I have to be completely honest and admit that leggings and long tunic tees have become my best friend. But don’t tell too many people, ok?


Dress; c/o
Sunglasses; Zara {similar}
Bandana; gifted
Lips; Colourpop’s Ziggy