Lovable Friday!

1. Chartreuse heaven; yes, I may have named this beauty of a frock, but it’s for a good reason. It’s another one of these Pinterest ghosts! Why oh why! It even has my perfect dress trifecta: bright hue, flared skirt & open back. What a tease. I hate you, perfection dress.

2. Waves iPhone case; although I am a big fan of cheapy Ebay cases, every now and then I “splurge” on a regularly priced case. This would be one of them. I’m loving the scallops and the sweet shade of pink paired with the harsher wood texture.

3. Heart pumps; as if you haven’t noticed, I’m a big sucker for sparkles and hearts. In my hair, on my clothes and most especially, on my feet. I mean, does anything make you feel more special? I think not. Now, although my birthday isn’t for another month or so, I think these would make the perfect birthday girl shoes, don’t you think? Well, I’m sold. And check out the rest of the site too. Spool 72 has some of the sweetest inventory I have ever laid my eyes on (& some great sales)!

4. Anthropologie suit; if this suit was any cuter, it would ooze puppies and rainbows. I mean, seriously. Of course, I could no longer find it on the site, but I did do some digging and it popped up on Ebay for somewhat of a discount (although still super steep). I don’t own a one piece swimsuit, but I’d start a collection with this little retro beauty.

5. Mint & gold heels; you can tell that I have shoes on the brain. Truth is, I haven’t bought a new pair of shoes in months. Like, close to 6 months. Another truth? I may be walking around in flats whose soles are cracked. Maybe. That’s the kind of classy lady I am. In all honesty, I really do need to get some new shoes, but these wouldn’t be the most practical. Do I care? Nope. Must.have.


Sparkle Plenty

Smarter words have never been spoken. Am I right, ladies?
Although I live by the standard that every day is a good day to wear sparkles, I know this time of year is especially reserved for them. So here is a round up of all my favorite glittery, sequin-y, and sparkly goods (whether you want to splurge or save):


1 Chevron Sequin Mini Skirt; 2 Sequin Scatter Prom Dress; 3 Kate Spade Charm Heel; 4 Striped Sequin Scarf

5 Sequin Pencil Skirt; 6 Gina Sequin Maxi Skirt; 7 Infinity Crop; 8 Polka Dot Sequin Top

What shiny thing have you been laying your eyes on this holiday season?

Lovable Friday!

1. Kate Spade Pumps

I’m pretty sure Kate Spade should pay me at this point for the incessant promotion on my blog, or at least offer me some free swag, don’t you think? I can’t help that all her designs are so perfectly feminine with just the right touch of rebellion. Case in point: these gorgeous pumps. Vibrant yellow seems like it is going to be the shade of the spring, and paired with this playfully striped heel, you’ll be the life of the party. Or at least the target for jealous glances.

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ShoeDazzle Review

I have to say I was a bit skeptical with the whole ShoeDazzle program. Cheap, good looking shoes every month? It seemed too “pie in the sky” for this shoe lover. But after a few pictures from friends of their recent purchases, I decided to take the plunge. On my birthday, I ordered my first pair, and they just came in this past weekend! They are absolutely adorable, fit great and seem to be as comfortable as 4 inch heels can afford. As far as the site itself, I do have some gripes. When building my style profile, it asks for your age range, and unfortunately I was categorized in a different age bracket (le sigh). I think this totally affected my showroom selections, which is completely silly. The rest of my profile accurately reflected my style: modern, fun and bold, but I was delivered these really plain jane shoes in my showroom. Needless to say, I was bummed, so I requested alternate selections. These were still not my cup of tea (although a little better). I’m planning on requesting yet another showroom, but the reason I’m not that upset is because the rest of the shoes available are so fantastic (like my first pair) and you have the ability to opt out each month if nothing catches your eye or it just doesn’t fit your budget at the moment – without being charged. If you are interested, get schooled on the program here.

*This review is my honest opinion and I was not financially compensated in any way by ShoeDazzle for my review. I joined the program and purchased these shoes independently and just wanted to share my experience with my readers as it seemed like a topic of interest.