5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Fictional Couples I Ship

Happy early Valentines, everyone! Although I’m not the biggest fan of the holiday, I truly love love. I am a sucker for romance and am an idealistic dreamer when it comes to all things that revolve around that 4-letter L word. I spent many a Valentines Day saddened by unrealistic expectations until I realized that the holiday is just about love. Loving yourself. Loving your family. Loving your friends. And, of course, loving your significant other. It’s a time to step back and realize how much love there is in your life, regardless of relationship status, and that makes it an absolutely beautiful day, doesn’t it?

Now onto this week’s list! I get very attached to fictional characters, so it is no surprise that their equally fictitious relationships could also have quite the effect on me. Here are my top 5 OTP’s (One True Pairing);


“Together or not at all.”

1. Rory & Amy {Doctor Who}; By far one of my favorite fictional couples! I don’t like it when relationships are portrayed as being “perfect” on TV or in films. I really appreciate flawed characters, so I felt like their relationship was really well…relatable. I definitely see a lot of me in Amy, and a lot of my husband in Rory, so that may be a big part of why they are my number one (our wifi password is “theponds”). Their entire storyline was genius (plot holes and all) and had a knack for moving me to tears every.single.time. I mean, when was the last time someone pulled apart time for you? Exactly. That’s love, people.

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I Heart You

Next weekend is Valentine’s Day, which means your life will get a little extra dose of sweet, whether it comes in the form of having an excuse to overindulge in chocolate or to wear your favorite heart-emblazoned ensemble. Either way, enjoy it. I know I definitely didn‘t enjoy the holiday growing up since I lacked greatly in the significant other department for some time. Little admission: one year while in college, I actually stayed home “sick” because I didn’t want to see all the girls with their flowers, balloons, etc. walking around campus making me feel even more lonely and lame.

Now as an adult, I can appreciate all the little idiosyncrasies of the holiday. It’s a time to acknowledge all the love in your life, whether it be romantic or otherwise. Regardless of whether you are in a relationship, I can wager to say that you – all of you – are surrounded by love in one way or another. Embrace that on February 14th.

& with that, here’s a roundup of all my favorite heart-themed items to rock all year round;

Top; Love shirt || Nail decals || Heart pillow
Bottom; Heart flats || Heart wallet || Heart sweater

Being Melificent: Love

Let me preface this by saying that I, by no means, am an expert when it comes to love. I didn’t have an official boyfriend until I met my husband at 21 (at least, no one ever called me – or treated me like – their girlfriend), my first kiss was when I was 18 and before those things, I mainly fantasized about 90’s rock stars. With that said, my husband and I often get asked what makes our relationship work, so I figured I would make it the topic of my next Being Melificent post.

The hubs and I have been together for 11 years now, with nearly 6 of those as husband and wife. During our time together so far, I have come to view the following as some reasons we have stood the test of time and see no end to our little love affair:

1. It’s the little things; this tends to be my motto overall, but I really think it is what can make or break a relationship. At least here in Miami, people can be so superficial (i.e., If he didn’t get you a 2 karat engagement ring, it’s time to kick him to the curb). Learn to focus on what is really important in a relationship (and life): moments, the way something made you feel – NOT material things. A perfect example are weddings. People get so caught up in the details, color schemes and chivari chairs, that they forget to focus on their LOVE for one another. Honestly, my top 5 weddings have made it onto the list mainly because you can feel the love radiating through the entire event, not because their centerpieces cost them thousands. One of the memories I cherish the most involving the hubs is a night we were listening to Silverchair’s Across the Night as we were cleaning, and he spontaneously whipped me around and starting slow dancing with me all around the house. Hold on to those, remember those, not the number of gifts he has given you. None of that matters in the end.

2. We still date; this is so important to me! My husband and I have never stopped dating each other. We try to plan a date a week where we go try/discover something new in or around our city. Harkening back on #1, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, as long as we are together. It keeps the relationship from getting stagnant and monotonous, and instead brings back the romance, excitement and FUN. So instead of spending Saturday afternoon on the couch watching reruns of Sex & the City while you are both sitting next to each other, but independently Internet surfing, go out and explore together. I promise having that one-on-one time on a frequent basis will remind you of why you fell in love with this person in the first place!

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What I Wore: Rock ‘n Roll Summer

The hubs has been traveling a lot for work lately, so when we get time to ourselves, we really relish in it. On this day, while sitting on a bench in front of our favorite French bakery eating macaroons, I told him, “I love you now more than ever.” We will be 11 years together in a few weeks, and 6 years married in November, yet now is when my love for him seems overpowering. Is that something that some of you readers have experienced? Not that I didn’t love him before of course, but I am now feeling an even deeper connection after all these years.

Life is pretty spectacular, people.

Shirt; H&M
Shorts; Old Navy {similar}
Sandals; Gap {similar}
Bandeau; Forever 21 {similar}
Sunnies; Betsey Johnson
Ring; gifted
Spiked cuff; c/o Anika Burke {similar}

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Happy Valentines Day, readers!!!! Hope it’s every bit as full of love as every other day because you should never wait for a Hallmark holiday to express your love & gratitude for all the special people in your life!