Turkey Coma

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend! Mine was full of good food and even better company, which is always appreciated. Although I am spending the majority of my time studying and working entirely too hard, it really feels like the holidays this year and gasp(!!) I am actually not loathing them! Who woulda thunk it. 😉

I hope to have some more content in the weeks to come but for now feast your eyes on my new haircut! Although I know my hair looked great long, I could no longer stomach the upkeep especially now that I am so busy. I needed something cute & easy, and as usual, my hairdresser did not lead me astray.

What do you think?

Weekend Highlights


Saturday I finally took the plunge and got my new short, hip haircut! I could not be happier – I feel so light and fresh and modern. I went to the Aveda Institute in Ft. Lauderdale and got my hair cut by my amazing friend, Alana. She’s been busting her butt to learn and perfect the art of hair and I am so pleased with what she did. I was a little nervous about the chunky highlights, but she was so confident that they would look great that those worries quickly dissipated. I feel like a new me and can’t wait to start the summer as a blonde! I’ll let you know if what they say is true and I do have more fun, although with the summer I have lined up already, I doubt I would have anything but!



Sunday night we had our first official party at the house for the season 3 premiere of True Blood! I don’t need to reiterate what a big fan I am of this show, so just suffice it to say that I was excited (& a little nervous about having people over for the first time in our new house). It was such a success! We made it a potluck since we are fridge-less until the 22nd and wow, did people make some yummy treats! Plus, we got some fun party favors and props that really made the night a lot of fun.
My personal favorite was my jug of Fang Banger – an alcoholic concoction of True Blood beverage, Sprite and Vodka. Thankfully, I woke up this morning hangover free, but I did have my fair share of these throughout the night (& I was not the only one).
I also thought the season opener was great and really held our attention (was it all the nice butt shots?) – I am both bummed and pleased that they seem to not be following the books at all, but we have yet to see what they have in store for us the rest of the season. I totally need to get used to those typical True Blood weekly cliffhangers again – how killer was last night’s??
For all the photos from last night, click here.

Have a great week everyone!

What Summer Calls For

haircutA short, hip haircut!

I really tried this time to let my hair grow after so many people requested. I did. And it happened. My hair is currently extremely long. And extremely thick. And it is currently extremely hot & humid down here in South Florida, so in turn, my hair is extremely hard to deal with and spends its life in a disheveled ponytail. Can someone please tell me what is the point of having long hair if it is always tucked away and such a ginormous pain in the behind? I don’t know how you Miami girls do it. This crap is not for me, so I am doing what I have wanted to do for months now and getting my hair cut!  However, apparently I am like Samson and need my hair for strength because I got so many disdainful looks by friends and family when I announced my decision, which got me thinking…Why do people believe women have to have long hair?

Does it represent our femininity? Youth?
What is it? Share your opinions with me in the comments.

And yes, my haircut inspiration is coming from the lovely Christina Ricci and her sweet short ‘do pictured above.
I can’t wait to be free!

Hair Polygamist.

I don’t know what my deal is, but I cannot stay loyal to one hairstyle. I just can’t do it! I pride myself on not having these commitment issues with any other aspect of my life, but this one I cannot quit! And I’m getting that itch now. When I got my haircut only 2 months ago, my new hairstylist told me I needed to get my hair cut every 2 months because my hair is color-treated. At that time, I just rolled my eyes but now I’m starting to think he strategically cut my hair so it would need another cut in that 2 month window! I feel like my hair has already lost its shape and pretty layers. So it’s time for something new – and no better time than right before my birthday & trip to San Diego, right? 😉

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Hair today, gone tomorrow.

I haven’t cut my hair for 8 months and you can tell.

I tend to hold off this long when I am trying to grow it out because I fear the stylist cutting too much and having to start all over again after I’ve made so much progress. I’m there right now. Even though I don’t want to grow my hair out super long (like it was), I still would like it to hit past my shoulders at some point this year. But right now it’s just so bleh.

So I’m going to make an appointment for next month, but I need help!
Help me pick a style – which number should I go with:

1. Nicole Richie
1. Nicole Richie
2. Kristin Cavallari
2. Kristin Cavallari
3. Random Short-haired Model
3. Random Short-haired Model