Ugly Christmas Sweater Round Up

Although I absolutely adore the ugly Christmas sweater trend, I have to admit that I’ve never actually been to or hosted an ugly Christmas sweater party. The closest I came was going to a small get together with friends where we had to wear one, and of course, I made mine Marvel. ;)

Since the rise in popularity of this trend, the geeks have taken over and there are a slew of nerdy sweaters you can choose from for the upcoming holidays. I know I definitely want to wear one Christmas day, even though it will surely be just as steamy and humid as any other unbearable Miami day, but all these options are making it so hard to choose!


Holiday Awakens | Holiday Mix Vol. 1 | The Sweater That Lived | Adventure Time | Sailor Moon | At-At Hoth

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Happy Valentines Day, readers!!!! Hope it’s every bit as full of love as every other day because you should never wait for a Hallmark holiday to express your love & gratitude for all the special people in your life!

Valentines Wish List

I don’t need much more reason to dress girly, so Valentine’s Day just puts me in overdrive. Heart patterns and sweet shades all around cause me to lose a little control. As for the holiday itself? I could do without. I’ve never really been a fan whether I was single or crazy in love. But that doesn’t mean I can’t dress the part! Plus, I heard the hubs is taking me to Michy’s this year. I can handle that. ;)

Here are some of my favorite v-day inspirations;

1. Anika Burke Heart Back Dress; 2. Anika Burke Heart Front Dress; 3. Heart Ring; 4. mini hearts; 5. Mini glitter notebook


1. Smitten Sweater; 2. Glitter heart clutch; 3. je t’aime necklace; 4. Scalloped wedges; 5. Heart Sleeved Sweater; 6. Cross My Heart bobbi pin

For more choice Valentine’s Day picks, check out The Fashionable ESQ‘s round up!

Merry Christmas!!!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the health and happiness possible in the new year. Melificent will return in 2013 (how weird does that sound)!!

Turkey Coma

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend! Mine was full of good food and even better company, which is always appreciated. Although I am spending the majority of my time studying and working entirely too hard, it really feels like the holidays this year and gasp(!!) I am actually not loathing them! Who woulda thunk it. ;)

I hope to have some more content in the weeks to come but for now feast your eyes on my new haircut! Although I know my hair looked great long, I could no longer stomach the upkeep especially now that I am so busy. I needed something cute & easy, and as usual, my hairdresser did not lead me astray.

What do you think?