Geek Out: Home Is Where The Geek Is

When the hubs and I first moved out and got our own place, we thought we had to decorate it “like adults do.” This resulted in a home that looked nice, but didn’t go with our personalities at all. By the time we bought our first home, we knew that had to change. Just because we were adults and now owned a proper home, did not mean that we had to make it look a certain way. Nothing makes a house a home more than looking around and saying, “yep, this is my space.” For that reason, we started incorporating more fun elements that reflected our interests and personal style. Now people walk in and can’t say our house looks anything but us.

I love that Brad-Pitt is chilling in both shots!

Obviously, our home decor has a strong geeky theme. We buy most of our art at conventions, and enjoy figures just as much as any other nerd. What was important to us was to showcase this in a very subtle, modern and classy way. Despite being in our home for 4 years now, we still are working on it every day to make it our perfect little cave, but I’m happy to say that I love the progress we’ve made! I especially am a fan of our living room and bedroom. Wanna see?

One art wall where you can display all your fandoms in a simple, yet strategic way is great for a living room space.
I still can’t get over how amazing our Tara Mcpherson LOST piece is.

Incorporating geek is all about the little touches in a home, like our Harry Potter Pop-Up Coffee Table Book.

I always laugh at this photo op we have up in our bedroom of us with John Barrowman because it looks like we are one, big, happy family (which we could be, of course).

The little touches continue in our bedroom. My nightstand houses a Fiona figure and is graced by the beautiful Rose Tyler, as drawn by Pooka Machine of Ocho Placas Tattoo.

These are some of our new pieces that are going up this week throughout the house. I can’t sing enough praises about Artist Alley’s at conventions. They are my absolute favorite part about attending! The prints above are from Upside Down Grin & IdeaStorm Media

Some other great sites to visit for quality geeky home goods is;
Look Human

Master Bedroom Redo

Is it possible to nest without being pregnant?
This is what I’ve been asking myself since I decided 2013 would be the year that we would start phase 2 of home renovations/remodeling/general facelifts. Although I feel like our house is definitely a home, we want it to portray more of our personalities, so we are looking for more art for the walls, spunkier furniture and accessories to spruce things up a bit in certain rooms.

I am currently focusing on the living room, but the bedroom is next up on the plate. Right now, our bedroom is very dark and masculine. Basically: not us. We wanted to make it a little lighter and brighter, and the hubs has been nice enough to let me add some more feminine touches. Here is a guide I’ve been working with to try and decide on aesthetic and I decided to share it with all of you in case you are also looking for something similar for any room in your home; new or old.

1; Audrey mirror 2; Gazelle figurine 3; Malm dresser 4; Fado table lamp 5; Mirrored glass table 6; Polka dot lucite tray 7; Polka dot sheets

So back to that question. Nesting: only a phenomenon while pregnant? I vote no. What do you think?


It’s that time of year: HALLOWEEN!
My absolute favorite holiday is just around the corner, so Casa Melificent is already slowly making its metamorphosis into Spook Central. Nothing makes me happier than to pull out that box full of goodies and start putting them around the house. We are nowhere near done, and I definitely want to tackle some of those awesome Halloween DIY’s floating around Pinterest, but for now, it’s a good start.

Do you love Halloween? What Halloween projects are you most looking forward to work on?

Lovable Friday!

1. Trina Turk for Banana Republic

I spotted this awesome collection thanks to the dear Rosy of Accidental Sexiness! It’s so beautiful, fun and summer! My favorites are the assymetrical bold print dress to the left & the white crisp blouse paired with the black and white pencil skirt. Can you say gorgeous?? It’s the perfect ensemble for those lazy summer days strolling on Lincoln Road. Summer dreamin’ for real.

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Console Table

I wish I could post as much as I want to, but right now I’m in the trenches of studying. I am at the critical less-than-2-weeks mark until my certification exam, which means I do little of anything except stare at words I hope will make more sense to me by January 31st.

Anywho, in an attempt to fill the void, here is a shot of our new console table (from West Elm found via Craigslist for a fraction of the cost) and it’s fun little new member, Ollie the Octopus (just made that up on the spot), who was rescued from a life in ZGallerie captivity. Isn’t he sweet? We hope to continue filling up the table with more fun, Sanchez-like decor pieces – along with the rest of the house! Baby steps for now ;)