Life with Luna: Hot Dog!


Before we headed off to Disney to celebrate Luna’s big first birthday, we had a very small party at our place with close family and friends. Although Luna got a little overwhelmed with all the faces and ruckus, it was a good time. Funny to say that she handled the trip to Disney way better stimulation-wise, but it’s true! I think it is different when new people invade your own space.


Since we were going on this big trip, we decided to keep the theme with Disney and made it a Mickey + Minnie party. Again, the whole point was not to shell out a bunch of cash for a party, but rather for a trip that we could all enjoy, so I kept things minimal. Sure, you may think this isn’t very minimal, but for a party planning obsessed nut, I assure you it is. Almost all the details were DIY’ed by yours truly, including the favor bags, mason jar vases, and glitter one. However, some of my favorite decor were the prints I got from ChatBooks. They now not only offer photo books, but also these beautiful prints. You get to choose which 5 you would like printed from each of your albums. I totally love them, and strung them off the large “ONE” balloon, as well as scattered them on the table. Now that the party is over, I have no idea what to do with them, so any ideas would be great! They are so beautiful and such amazing reminders of how much she has grown up already and all the moments we have shared.

Thank you so much to everyone for your feedback on my last very heartfelt and emotional post. These little ones really know how to do a number on your feels.


**This post was not sponsored by Chatbooks at all, I just love the service and wanted to share it with all of you.


Birthday Boy Details

October is full of so many festivities – it’s always one of my favorites!

It also is home to my favorite holiday and my favorite person’s birthday, my husband. He said he wanted something very low-key at home with his closest friends. Nothing major, just a night where we could have a few cocktails and catch up. I took the opportunity to make the party special, while not breaking the bank. I used items that were either under $5 or that I found laying around the house. It is totally possible to throw a party at your home without saying goodbye to a quarter of your bank account, I promise.

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A Very Potter Bachelorette Details

This past weekend I hosted a bachelorette weekend for my friend Elissa and wanted to make sure it was as special as can be. What made it so fun to plan was the theme: Potter! We were going to Wizarding World in Orlando for the weekend, so I wanted to make sure there was a magical theme going through all the details. I started with little gift bags for the girls:

I got some sweet little goodie bags from Hey Yo Yo and filled them with temporary dark mark tattoos, Potter themed buttons and pencils, along with golden snitch bracelets. What I loved the most was that I found all of them on Etsy!

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{Hunger Games Week}: Inspired by Katniss & Co.

On day 2 of Hunger Games week, I decided to focus on all the fabulous Hunger Games-themed party details that are popping up all over the web. As you all know, I’m throwing my own Hunger Games themed party this weekend to celebrate both the premiere and my friend’s birthday, and I was a little miffed to see all the inspiration pop up within the last 2 weeks, when all my crafts were basically done! Not to say that I may not try to tackle some of these new projects. ;)

I especially love the subtle inspiration taken for the wedding shoots as seen on Green Wedding Shoes and the suspended parachutes at one awesome kid’s Bar Mitzvah. Also, for those of you rushing to get a party together in time for the movie’s release, Living Locurto has a great collection of free party printables! I know I’ve snagged a few of her great details, like the drink straws shown above featuring some choice quotes from the first book.

Are you having a Hunger Games party this weekend? Would you have one?
Even better, do you have ideas that you think are imperative to include at a Hunger Games fiesta?

Share in the comments!

Harry Potter Invitations

I have a sincere love of party planning. Nothing gets me happier than planning a really fun and amazing event. Of course, nothing gets me more stressed. Just call it a love/hate. I have quite a few amazing events coming up in the next few months, and I figured I would share them with you all. Hope you all enjoy!

Although my killer Hunger Games party is quickly approaching (next week – eek), I am also planning a Harry Potter themed weekend  bachelorette party. The bride, her bridal party and friends will be heading up north to spend a weekend in Orlando, FL, specifically at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I am not going to lie, this is one of the coolest ideas for a bachelorette ever. I kind of think I need a do-over! ;)

But all kidding aside, I totally believe that party invitations really set the tone for any event, so naturally the invitations for the bachelorette had to be epic. After all, we are going to have the most amazing time. Thanks to some inspiration, I decided to put together a whole acceptance package into Hogwarts. I grabbed a bulk order of Kraft mailing tubes, and looked up the exact wording of Harry’s acceptance letter (find it here). I typed up individual letters for each lovely lady wizard, making it more authentic with aged paper, an official letterhead and a legit McGonagall signature.

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